Ten Years and Counting

I recently received notice from WordPress making me aware that I’ve been writing Lulu’s Musings for ten years. Man, I didn’t know I had that many words in me!

What prompted the blog was my desire to stay in touch with friends in both of the places where I live. To some extent it has worked, but most who follow the blog are folks I’m not likely to ever meet as they span the globe. I never dreamed there would be readers in Taiwan, Vietnam, South Africa, Europe, Argentina and so many more places. Knowing all are out there provides such motivation to continue writing, and I am so very grateful for all who have been a presence over the years.

First tablescape

The blog world was completely new to me ten years ago. Early on, I stumbled across Between Naps on the Porch where I found a shared interest in tablescapes. That became the subject for one of my first posts which I linked to Tablescape Thursday. Ten years later I continue to share everyday tables created for family and friends.


One of the things the hubby and I do well together is travel, and we are fortunate to have taken some wonderful trips. They have provided great fodder for the blog, and those posts attract many readers who travel vicariously with me.

Apple Dapple Cake

I like writing about food and sharing recipes. Food has been a challenging exercise when it comes to photographing it, and that is something at which I am trying to get better. Helpful hints are appreciated!

Perry Creek

Sharing life in Maine is one of my favorite subjects. Its unspoiled beauty, the islands that dot Penobscot Bay, boating to a lobster shack for lunch, spending time with friends all make my heart sing. It makes me happy that some readers have actually been prompted by the Maine posts to visit and have taken the time to get in touch.

Hindu temple

Houston is quite a contrast to Maine. It is big with with all the associated hustle and bustle. Thanks to the blog, I’ve been motivated to be more adventurous here which has led to discovering many new aspects of this very culturally diverse city.

So, as 2021 unfolds it will be interesting to see what captures my attention as it’s difficult to explore thanks to the pandemic. Should the blog not be as regular, I invite you to follow @lulu’s musing on Instagram where I will attempt to be a regular presence.

Again, thank you for being part of my blog life and for the many comments you share either here or by email. They are the fuel that keeps me going. Happy 2021 to you all.

14 thoughts on “Ten Years and Counting

  1. Congratulations on your ten years of blogging! I enjoy all that you share with us! Your adventures are thrilling, your recipes are delicious and Maine and Houston are always amazing to see.
    Thank you for blogging, Congratulations my friend!

  2. You have been making me jealous for TEN years now?!??!?!? Wow! Time flies! I am one of those people utterly captivated by your posts about Maine. If not for my fear of flying, I would have been there to visit by now. You tell the story so well behind each photograph and make me feel as if I AM there!!!! Boats and barns and bridges…it’s all so intoxicating!

    Food is a tough thing to photograph!!!! I marvel at how some folks get such vivid pictures while mine are so…”meh!” I’ll just stick to eating it!!!!!😋

    Happy New Year to you!!!! Be safe and stay happy!!!

  3. Wow, we must have began blogging about the same time – though I don’t think that I discovered your blog until several years later. Congrats!

  4. Happy Blogaversary Linda! I will never forget the support and encouragement you gave me when I first started my blog 8 1/2 years ago…it has been a wonderful journey and I truly value all the friends I have made!

  5. It’s fun to look back (and forward) – happy anniversary!

  6. Oh, Linda, I have learned so much about blogging from you. You have set a wonderful example and given me wealth of ideas just from reading your pieces. I’ve only been on the “blog game” for 5 years and feel the people I keep in touch an absolute treasure. Thank you for sharing your life, your interests, your family – your ADVENTURES with us. I’ve loved every minute!

  7. Congratulations on 10 years! Blogging has enriched me in many ways. Here’s to more! Cheers!

  8. Congratulations on ten years of blogging. I love your blog and the subjects you blog about. I also remember when I started blogging in 2014, you were one of the first bloggers who reached out to me. I will never forget your kindness and encouragement. Keep snapping fabulous photos and sharing interesting commentary and I will be right here reading and enjoying the journey!

  9. Congratulations on your milestone! Of the blogs I follow, I think you are about the eighth blogger this year that has announced the ten year anniversary!

  10. Linda! CONGRATULATIONS, and sincere thanks for gifting all of us with your verbal and visual observations over the past ten years!
    (Please never stop!)

  11. Happy Anniversary! Keep up the good work!

  12. Billie Marasa Keirstead January 3, 2021 — 4:13 pm

    I so admire you and your devotion to your blog. I’ve always been a decent writer but did not think anyone beyond a professor of literature would be interested in random musings. Hope to see you in 2021 if we have a reunion.

    1. You have honored me so many times with your words. If nothing else the blog helps me to continue writing in complete sentences and pay attention to punctuation!

  13. Happy blogging anniversary Linda. I really look forward to what you will be sharing with us in the years to come.

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