This Is Houston

In case you missed it, Houston is one of the places to visit this year, and there are many reasons why it is a fascinating city. It has top notch performing and visual arts. Restaurants are second to none with menus ranging from seafood to bar-b-que to ethnic of all kinds. There are wonderful museums, a remarkable zoo, Space Center Houston and if you are a beach person, Galveston is only an hour down the road.

Then there are the things you find on your own like this graffiti covered abandoned warehouse we discovered recently when we were out and about.

I was fascinated by what had been created on metal doors.

Each was intricate and told a story of its own.

As I studied the work, I couldn’t help but think of Basquiat whose graffiti rewarded him with great fame.

On one side of the warehouse, art spelled out Houston

and then Texas.

It was here that I met Pero who interrupted his painting to tell me about this place. All of the work is by Hispanic artists who have gotten permission to use an allotted space. Some have gotten commissions as a result of their creation being spotted, and that can open a door that leads to hoped for success.

I noticed Pero’s bag was filled with spray paint, the medium, he explained used for most of the work. I was amazed that such precision could be achieved with spray.

Feeling that I had taken enough of Pero’s time, I left him to get back to his work and with the knowledge that this warehouse is being refurbished and will be a showcase for Latino art.

Driving away, I noticed this message and thought about its truth.

Yes, Houston is full of surprise if one takes the time to explore.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

10 thoughts on “This Is Houston

  1. Will you please reveal where in Houston this visual art can be seen?! I can’t believe we’ve missed it!!! We did a Graffiti walking tour in Buenos Aires and this definitely rivals theirs!!!

    1. The warehouse is on Harrisburg close to Lockwood and next to the big coffee processing plant.

  2. How nice to be able to meet Pero, the artist, and have a chat. 🙂

  3. Miami and Fort Lauderdale both have an area very similar and hold an art walk one evening a month.

    1. Art walks seem to have gotten very popular. This work deserves to be seen but is a little out of the way for the art walk.

  4. Intriguing artwork! What a treat to be able to engage one of the artists!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes, had Pero not been there I would have been left wondering how the graffiti happened.

  5. I visited Houston many years ago, I should return! The artwork is incredible and with spray paint it is unbelievable!

  6. The artwork is incredible!

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