Out With a Bang

Windjammer FestivalSummer is a very short season in Maine.  July 4 marks its beginning, and when Labor Day comes it’s pretty much over. Summer does go out with a bang at least in Camden where it’s Windjammer Festival weekend, and crowds gather for the last big events of the season.

The midcoast of Maine is home to a number of these beautiful old boats, and many of them come sailing into Camden Harbor.  Some will take passengers out for a sail on Penobscot Bay

while others allow visitors to come aboard to get a feel for what it would be like to live aboard for several days.

windjammerThis year I joined friends on their boat in the harbor to view the windjammers as they came in.  What a sight they are.  In the distance, their sails catch the wind,

but as they near the harbor entrance sails are dropped.

P9021179.jpgKeep in mind these ships have no engine so they are met by a small boat called a pusher that aids them in safely navigating the harbor.

One by one the magnificent ships pass by with excited passengers aboard

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand maybe a ship’s dog taking it all in.

The schooners may be the main attraction, but there’s plenty more activity for people of all ages.  I get a big kick out of the lobster crate races.  The key to success here appears to be youth and light weight.  Me, I’d be right in the water before getting started!


No festival would be complete without fireworks that illuminate the sky and draw shrieks of delight from the crowd.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow I enjoy all that is so quinticensial Maine.

I’d love to know how the end of summer is celebrated in your area.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

21 thoughts on “Out With a Bang

  1. A wonderful part of the world, it looks like such great fun.

  2. I love all your Maine posts. My parents lived there for many years, many years ago and I always loved to visit. Sadly, I cannot remember the name of the small town but it was about one hour from Portland. Here in San Diego summer lasts quite a bit longer but even we are feeling a tinge of fall in the air. We do mark the endof summer even though the weather continues and my favorite is the outdoor concert every weekend in Coronado. Very small town feeling with great local music, plenty of kids and dogs running free and an opportunity to sit and enjoy music and wine and snacks with friends. I will miss them and wait eagerly for Memorial Day next year when they start up again. Now on to all those fun fall and winter activities so please keep sharing!

  3. One day I shall visit the coast of Maine and see all this for myself…but until then thank you for all the great images.

    1. The coast of Maine is magical, at least to me!

  4. It’s a beautiful festival Lulu, I love boats, all the freedom and adventures they offer. Maybe one day I can have one and travel through the oceans.

  5. Beautiful windjammers. Love all the photos. I’d be in the water at the first leap!

  6. Lovely way to say “goodbye” to the summer. I’m sure that Maine is beautiful in every season. 🙂

    1. There are a couple of months in early spring that aren’t favorites. Except for those I have no complaints.

  7. What a great end to summer…gorgeous photos, Linda!

    1. Thank you. It’s easy to take beautiful photos in a beautiful place.

  8. What a wonderful summer send off Linda, I would love to watch a lobster crate race! On the gulf coast Labor Day is actually pretty quiet, after a Sat and Sun of lots of boating, people head home early as school has already started in Alabama. The locals now can enjoy their waters and restaurants now until Spring Break when the season starts all over again. Happy Labor Day!

    1. Things will be quieter here now which is always a good thing after the busyness of summer. I’m looking forward to my favorite month which just started.

  9. Summer is short here too! That’s why it drives me crazy when bloggers start posting Fall in August. Labor Day here means the summer people are gone and the most beautiful month, September, is a year rounder’s delight!
    Beautiful pics of a beautiful place, Lulu! Enjoy!

    1. Kathleen, you and I are on the same page. It will be a little while longer before I start thinking about fall. In the meantime I will enjoy September.

  10. Wonderful photos! I enjoyed the post, getting a flavor of Maine through your sharing. Here, in Minnesota, it is tradition for folks to attend The State Fair (although we aren’t- too hot and sticky and crowded for me, in general) and many are winterizing their cabins, preparing for the new school year, hence, buying notebooks and highlighters, new outfits, shoes, backpacks… This suggests a post for my blog; thank you…

    1. Sept timber is a big month for fairs in Maine, and there’s no better place to people watch. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. really beautiful place – and your area really utilizes the water – 🙂 I feel better from just seeing all this blue!

    1. No place better than the coast of Maine…. At least for me.

      1. what a nice place! and for me – I just need the east coast – (and not the west coast)

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