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dirt road winterEach year during the holidays we return to Maine for a taste of winter.  A few days is generally enough to tell us we are happy not to have to endure more.   There is something good to be said about winter in Houston.

The schooners that sail Penobscot Bay all summer were bound in shrink wrap to protect them from winter weather.

IMG_0080Some brave soul had braved the cold long enough to shimmy up the mast to top it with a tree.

IMG_0092The schooner was not the only thing to sport a tree.  So did the fuel dock at Rockport Marine where we fill Pipe Dreams with diesel to keep her running on our summer boating adventures.

IMG_0097It was so cold that the harbor was partially frozen, a sight not often seen.

IMG_0103The ice locked in place the few lobster boats that remained in the water.

Rockport Harbor - sea smoke 188 MASTERWith the temperatures well below freezing,  sea smoke floated across the water, a sight full of mystery and beauty.

IMG_0090Snow made the landscape a winter wonderland.

IMG_0083With their wooly coats, sheep seemed able to  bear the cold but they stayed close to the barn since the snow in the pasture was too deep for them to frolic

IMG_0110Yes, these are visions of winter, but this holiday was foiled by an Arctic blast with temperatures so cold outside as to be almost unbearable for more than a few minutes.  To make matters worse, the heat in our house was not working properly meaning that we stayed bundled up and spent most of our time in front of the fireplace.  We stood it for two days before the hubby decided he’d had enough of 40 degree temps in the house.  Though weather foiled our stay, it was long enough to capture some of the season’s magic and gave us yet another memory of the time we spend in Maine.

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Out With a Bang

Summer comes late and leaves early in Maine.  Most folks say the season is from July 4 through Labor Day.  That’s not very long!

Windjammer FestivalHere on the midcoast, Camden says good bye to summer with the Windjammer Festival when schooners from the area join Camden’s fleet and take over the harbor.It is a fun filled weekend with activities and displays of all kinds.

Windjammer FestivalNothing brings more cheers than the lobster crate race, definitely for the young and nimble!


Some schooners are available for cruises on Penobscot Bay, always a favorite adventure for visitors.  With all sails up, the windjammer is a majestic sight,  a symbol of a bygone era.

Other schooners host an open house to give folks an idea of what it’s like to live aboard.  It’s pretty close quarters, and one has to have a real sense of adventure to enjoy a week long stay.  From what I’ve heard, the food is quite good so that’s a real plus!


Yes, summer goes out with a big bang on Maine’s midcoast, but except for giving up my white jeans I’m going to enjoy it until it’s officially fall.

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Out With a Bang

Windjammer FestivalSummer is a very short season in Maine.  July 4 marks its beginning, and when Labor Day comes it’s pretty much over. Summer does go out with a bang at least in Camden where it’s Windjammer Festival weekend, and crowds gather for the last big events of the season.

The midcoast of Maine is home to a number of these beautiful old boats, and many of them come sailing into Camden Harbor.  Some will take passengers out for a sail on Penobscot Bay

while others allow visitors to come aboard to get a feel for what it would be like to live aboard for several days.

windjammerThis year I joined friends on their boat in the harbor to view the windjammers as they came in.  What a sight they are.  In the distance, their sails catch the wind,

but as they near the harbor entrance sails are dropped.

P9021179.jpgKeep in mind these ships have no engine so they are met by a small boat called a pusher that aids them in safely navigating the harbor.

One by one the magnificent ships pass by with excited passengers aboard

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand maybe a ship’s dog taking it all in.

The schooners may be the main attraction, but there’s plenty more activity for people of all ages.  I get a big kick out of the lobster crate races.  The key to success here appears to be youth and light weight.  Me, I’d be right in the water before getting started!


No festival would be complete without fireworks that illuminate the sky and draw shrieks of delight from the crowd.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow I enjoy all that is so quinticensial Maine.

I’d love to know how the end of summer is celebrated in your area.

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What Better Place to Be?

On a beautiful summer Sunday, what better place to be than on the water?

Some will cruise on the bay in a schooner with sails unfurled.

Others, more energetic, will kayak among the islands

or row in the harbor.

And, there are those who will find a beautiful spot, not hard on the coast of Maine, to anchor and picnic, read or take a snooze.

No matter where they are or what boat they are in, all will agree there’s no better place to be!

Tell me, what is your favorite thing to do on a summer Sunday?

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Take a Peek

Schooners with their tall masts and multiple sails catching the wind are a common sight on Penobscot Bay, and each year over Labor Day weekend Camden, Maine’s Windjammer Festival celebrates the area’s maritime heritage.  Many of the big ships are open to the public and you can get a feel for what life on one would be like. Of course, their across the ocean sailing days are over, and most operate as day sailers taking people out for two hour cruises.  There are those, however, that cruise the midcoast islands for five to seven days.  After seeing the quarters, I’m not sure that’s for me.   Take a look below deck and decide for yourself if this is where you’d like to spend a few days.Down the ladder to the galley where everything is compact and efficient.  How in the world does the crew prepare meals for a large group in such confined space?  Somehow they manage, and word is that the on board food is quite good.

Here’s the bunk with its very thin mattress on a wood frame and to my nose a lingering odor of mildew.  Anyone expecting cruise ship luxury is in for a real surprise!

Maybe you get used to that or find good reason to stay on deck!

Despite the close quarters and lack of luxury, many people are drawn to these excursions as the long-term cruise schooners seem to always have passengers looking, I guess, to have that great adventure. Considering the beauty of Penobscot Bay and its many islands, I doubt they are disappointed.  One thing’s for sure:  the passengers are scruffier on return than when they left and never have I heard any complain even when the weather was less than perfect.