Rustic Elegance

Blackberry FarmThink barn like structures, rustic cottages of wood and stone nestled in the trees, beautifully appointed spaces, incredible food, attention to every detail and you have Blackberry Farm.   

Blackberry FarmCottages have tastefully appointed and comfortable sitting areas that are perfect for enjoying morning coffee or moments of afternoon relaxation.

Blackberry FarmThere’s no temptation to watch TV as it is hidden behind hinged panels over the fireplace.

Blackberry FarmBlackberry FarmBlackberry FarmBlackberry FarmNo matter what building you enter, there are eye catching pieces of furniture, art or architectural elements.  How is it not possible to start thinking about redecorating when  surrounded by so many great ideas!

Blackberry FarmThe one simple take away is a vase filled with Queen Anne’s Lace, a wildflower plentiful in Maine this time of year!

Blackberry FarmEvery sitting surface has pillows, lots of them, and I determined there must be a pillow frumping fairy on the grounds because no pillow was ever mussed!

Blackberry FarmBlackberry FarmBlackberry FarmOn to the dining room which is full of contrasting elements.  Rough hewn beams, wood walls, a fieldstone fireplace combine with crisp linens, embroidered napkins and custom china to create rustic elegance.  

Blackberry FarmSuch an atmosphere encourages one to leisurely savor a gourmet dinner prepared with fresh farm ingredients.  Remembering how good the food was makes my mouth water.

Blackberry FarmOf course, the evening meal is the star, but a picnic box, complete with a menu describing the contents, is equally pleasing.

If you guessed that Blackberry Farm is a special place, you are right.   It’s hard to imagine a more perfect place to experience a special occasion.  Should the opportunity arise, enjoy!

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24 thoughts on “Rustic Elegance

  1. What a wonderful place this is! Most certainly going to be adding it to our list of future destinations. (Which, by the way, you have a lovely habit of inspiring on multiple occasions!) 🙂

  2. House is dashing and food is tasty. I love your stylish settings. You are so creative.


    1. You give me way too much credit. Everything here is at a wonderful place, Blackberry Farm.

  3. Looks very nice. I am going to remember your review if I am near this area.

    1. Get the hubby to take you there for a special occasion, you’d love it!

  4. I know what you mean about pillow plumpking fairies – I just wish they’d visit me a bit more often 🙂

  5. Wonderful building. I too like the rustic elegance. The interior spaces are so lovely too. I am not as fond of the dining room, but the food is beautifully presented. I like the fireplace, but the space has an old west saloon look to it.

  6. It really looks like a special place to enjoy…

  7. What an elegant setting! Great photos.

  8. It is even more beautiful than I imagined! Wow, you must have felt like a queen in those incredible surroundings~

  9. This looks like a great spot for a get-a-way (without the kids)!

    1. True, but the kids liked it too, especially the Hagen Das dove bars with which the refrigerator was fully stocked. Adult time was the evening meal.

      1. Hagen Das Dove bars would be a very big hit that’s for sure!

  10. What a charming and beautiful place. I shall add it to a place to surprise my wife. Thank you so much for the tour and review!!!

    1. Take her here and your wife will fall in love with you all over again!

      1. She better love already. Lol. I know what you mean. Thanks for sharing this. I WILL remember this place to go to. 😀

  11. I could live there for sure!!!

    1. My daughter and I felt the same way.

  12. This is a very relaxing and peaceful post. Perfect images for me to take into slumber.

  13. Blackberry Farm has been on my “bucket list” for some time now….Hope to get there soon!…I have heard nothing but greatness about this gorgeous place!!

    1. Shirley, it’s just your style!

  14. I’m not feeling well this evening…haven’t all day. Acid reflux, Ramon thinks. Whatever it is, it’s making me very uncomfortable and grouchy. Looking at these photos brought me back, though. Gosh…so beautiful. I was smitten from the first photo. I can only imagine the serenity that exists in that place. And then looking at that Queen Anne’s Lace arrangement just took me back in my mind to a very simple time when I wasn’t worried about all the crap that I worry about now. Almost made me want to chuck my computer out the window. Just so, so beautiful.

    1. Oh I hope you are feeling better Alycia!!!

    2. I’m right there with you tonight with a yukky tummy. If anything in this post made you feel better, I’m glad. It would do us all good to keep it simple.

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