Can You Tell?

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.

Hal Borland

dirt road winterIt’s been a long, hard winter of snow, ice and freezing cold, and most of us are ready for it to come to an end.  If what I saw today in my yard is any indication, the end may be in sight, at least in Houston, and I hope for you! 

azaleaI was surprised to see the first azalea blooms open to the sun

pear tree/springand the flowering pear full of blossoms, overnight it seems.

redbud treeThe redbud tree, which only a day or two ago was loaded with tight little buds,

redbudis in full bloom giving the landscape a big dose of color.

leather holly/springThe sharp edges of the leather holly are softened by buttery yellow,

jade tree/springand the very old jade tree I thought was lost is showing signs of life with little green leaves sprouting from its empty limbs.

Taking in each of these tiny miracles, I marvel at how nature stays on its own schedule no matter what interferes.  Can you tell that spring is near?

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31 thoughts on “Can You Tell?

  1. Beautiful! You’ve inspired me to look a little closer and check out the buds developing on my trees and bushes. My Red Bud tree isn’t even hinting yet. After our hard winter, I’m a little worried about what may be lost. Oh, well, I can always replant. 🙂 I enjoyed your encouraging and uplifting post very much!

  2. Love the sentiment about winter not lasting forever and spring not missing it’s turn. The garden is starting to look a real picture right now. Bring on full blown Spring.

  3. Your flowers are looking fantastic…no signs of blooms here…my irises are just coming up from the ground…Looks like Spring is going to be arriving early for you …

  4. Your pictures give me hope that before too long it will start looking like spring here.

  5. We are seeing this too here in Austin! Thank goodness!! Been aching for spring!

  6. Flowering pear trees are my favorite, they make the world a fairyland!

  7. Those are some crisp photos. I never have been able to manage that. Love that they make me think of spring.

  8. Yes the small signs of spring are showing- though up here in the frozen north it’s a lot less flowery for right now! soon though, soon!

  9. malaysianmeanders March 10, 2014 — 11:11 am

    Lovely photos of spring awakening in your part of the world. Malaysia has year-round weather like a hot and humid Houston summer. While I don’t really like cold, I do miss the change of seasons. I grew up in Houston, and my parents and in-laws are still there. These photos remind me of them and their gardens. I will have to ask how the azaleas are blooming the next time I Skype with them.

  10. Wonderful signs to see!!

  11. Lulu,
    You asked me what lens I used to take my female cardinal photos: a Canon 100 to 400 lens.

  12. Gorgeous blooms! Wonderful photography.

  13. How refreshing to see the blossoms. Spring must be wending its way northward but it’s still quite wintry here north of Toronto.

  14. We still have over a foot of snow on the ground. It is snowing right now with more to come tomorrow and Wednesday. No spring flowers in our near future so I’m enjoying your photos.

  15. Oh, man, I cannot WAIT!

  16. I lost my jade tree to frost, so sad. You have a lot to enjoy, just seeing the buds turn into blooms is grand. I’m still up to my eye balls in snow, however when it does start to melt it will go fast, so will the water running into the basement. I’m starting to plan

  17. You are so far ahead of us! I just have the pansies I planted in the fall. The bulbs have stuck their heads up out of the ground, but no flowers. Everything looks so pretty. Doesn’t it just make you happy?

  18. YOu are so much farther along in the season than we here in Virginia….. Gorgeously far along.. hahaha… thanks so much for the kind comment on my page regarding my Book Chat tea!…. The journey in planning is half the fun!!!

  19. Well, that first photo sort of looks like our world still. Nice quote though; I enjoy Borland’s writing myself.

  20. bluecrabmartini March 9, 2014 — 9:07 pm

    Beautiful photos! I am so jealous that your Redbud is already blossoming! We are just now seeing the last of the snow and ice melt here in Maryland. I saw the first few daffodils starting to poke through the ground this week, hopefully spring is right around the corner. Lovely post, can’t wait to see more!!

  21. Gorgeous images of spring. The weather is teasing us here in Virginia, one day it was in the 60s and the next day it returned to the 30s. At this point I am very concerned about what our spring is going to look like. I am so jealous of you!

  22. These are beautiful photos of the spring flowers already blooming in your area. Thank you so much for visiting and your kind comment. Pamela

  23. I forgot how early things bloom there. My goodness, and here we are bare except for the heads of daffodils which should pop soon. Always a good sign that spring is coming!

    1. Amazing how it comes the same time every year no matter the temperature.

  24. It’s looking so pretty and colorful out your way with all the flowers beginning to bloom. Enjoy!

  25. Very cheerful post. Thank you, Lulu!

  26. Your post is a study in contrasts, with the snowy road and the blossoms breaking out in full colour and fragrance. It’s too early for such an occurrence here, but spring shows its promise with your photos. I think the redbud tree and flowering pear may be my favourites. So beautiful!

    Thank you for brightening up Sunlit Sunday! Have a lovely week.


  27. Beautiful images and the promise of spring. It is amazing how creation unfolds in all its glory despite the harsh elements of a more severe winter.

    1. Thank you, Bonnie. Miracles come in so many ways.

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