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IMG_0401Sitting on 300 acres in the heart of Houston’s museum and medical center district is Rice University, consistently ranked in the top 20 U.S. colleges and universities.   With all its land, Rice could be a much larger school, but it serves less than 7,000 undergraduate and graduate students.  Interestingly, the students reflect Houston’s cultural diversity.

IMG_0404This time of year strolling the campus is lovely with azaleas blooming profusely.

IMG_0421Paths and streets are shaded by arching limbs of old live oak trees. 

IMG_0407Architecturally, Rice is a gem.

IMG_0410Arches are a common feature,

IMG_0409and it is not unusual to see photographers, amateur and professionals alike, shooting among them.

IMG_0424As time has passed,  arches have taken on a more modern look though the building materials have remained the same.

IMG_0431One building on campus has a look all its own, and it’s not surprising that it would be the art center.

IMG_0438Now Rice is not a football powerhouse, but the stadium is huge seating more than 70,000.  Back in the early 70’s a Super Bowl was held there and not too many years ago was one of my all time favorite concerts featuring Billy Joel and Elton John.  What a combo!

Yes, Rice University is one of those places in Houston that is truly worth a visit.  It is also a great resource for continuing education.

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Here’s To Spring

dirt road winterAs much as I love Maine, it has a long winter and this is one to remember.  Feet of snow and slippery ice there makes Houston a very good place to be this time of year.

pear tree/springTrees are bare of leaves, many days the sky is dreary and there are still cool days, but none of this keeps spring from appearing right on schedule.  First come the flowering trees.

redbud/springOne day limbs are laden with tight little buds

tulip tree/springand the next they are a sea of color.  Each year I know just where to look for my favorites and they never disappoint.

flowers/dianthusGardens are vivid with color only God can create,

flowers/springand tulips bloom bravely during their very short season.  

white azaleas/springNot too far behind are azaleas that are just now starting to open and I can never resist bringing the first ones inside.

For those of you still laboring under the weight of snow and ice, take heed.  Spring will come your way, and the beauty of blooming things will likely outlast those in Houston when summer heat takes its toll.

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Wow Us Wednesday

What’s It Wednesday

Can You Tell?

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.

Hal Borland

dirt road winterIt’s been a long, hard winter of snow, ice and freezing cold, and most of us are ready for it to come to an end.  If what I saw today in my yard is any indication, the end may be in sight, at least in Houston, and I hope for you! 

azaleaI was surprised to see the first azalea blooms open to the sun

pear tree/springand the flowering pear full of blossoms, overnight it seems.

redbud treeThe redbud tree, which only a day or two ago was loaded with tight little buds,

redbudis in full bloom giving the landscape a big dose of color.

leather holly/springThe sharp edges of the leather holly are softened by buttery yellow,

jade tree/springand the very old jade tree I thought was lost is showing signs of life with little green leaves sprouting from its empty limbs.

Taking in each of these tiny miracles, I marvel at how nature stays on its own schedule no matter what interferes.  Can you tell that spring is near?

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Sunlit Sunday

Share It Sunday

Seasonal Sundays

Overnight Miracles

Here we are, the end of February, not much to date in the way of winter weather, little sunshine in recent weeks, yet overnight spring has sprung in Houston.

Bare limbed redbuds woke up this morning newly dressed,

azaleas that a few hours ago were tightly budded are popping with blooms,

gardens are alive with color that only God can give,

bird songs fill the air and robins stop for a bite to eat as they travel on to  their final destination.

Now, as much as I like all this new beauty, it is a harbinger of what is right behind.  It won’t be long before cars take on a yellow haze, every outdoor surface will be covered with pollen and most of us will be experiencing headaches and stuffy noses until the air clears.  On top of all this, we may well have a humdinger of a mosquito season due to warm temperatures and much rain recently.  Oh well, that’s Houston, and we take what it offers.

Any signs of spring your way?

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