Think White

“Think white,” said a blog friend Kathleen, who challenged her readers to come up with a fall tablescape done in white plus one color.  Now for me that is hard since most everything I have is about color.

white tablescapeI thought I’d be passing on her challenge until I saw these pattypan squash on a roadside table.  Not only did they get my attention because of their size, but they are, yep, white!  They are the beginning of inspiration, and I happily left dollars in the jar funded by honesty. 

white tablescapeThe pattypans need company, so off to my favorite farm stand, Beth’s.  There I found white pumpkins, eggplant and acorn squash.  How perfect!

white tablescapeI collected a few twigs thinking they somehow would work into the naturalness of the setting that is taking shape in my head. 

white tablescapeNow for the dishes.  No all white here,

white tablescapebut perhaps Kathleen won’t mind if I cheat a little and hide the pattern with a clever napkin fold.

 white tablescapeThe black napkin actually provides a better background than the plate for the white pumpkin .

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA With the addition of glitzy and spooky black stems just gotten from TJ Maxx and black handled flatware from Maine’s favorite department store, Reny’s, the table is coming together.

white tablescapeAll done except for finding some white votives.  The table is simple, the style that best suits us, but I must confess to it having been more of a challenge than one might think.

white tablescapeWalking past it later in the day, I love how the late afternoon sun makes the white come alive with a golden radiance.  I am looking forward to having tonight’s dinner here, but I doubt that it will be all white!  

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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39 thoughts on “Think White

  1. Good afternoon Lulu ::) very elegant table & pics…! My son would adore that glasses….! He’s getting ready for the Halloweenn event, too:)

    1. If there is a TJ Maxx nearby, tell your son to look for the glasses there.

      1. TJ Maxx??::( we’re in Italy my dear…:)

      2. Duh! I should have thought about that.

  2. I would have a hard time doing all white plus one color! You have done a fabulous job and although I am not even remotely close to a minimalist, I really like it! Visiting from Thursday Favorite Things!

  3. So perfect for the challenge, black and white are always stunning. Love your stemed glasses.

  4. I love your black and white tablescape. The black spiderweb stemware is perfect for Halloween. All of the gourds, squash, and the white eggplant make this a marvelous fall table. Simply lovely! ….. Candy

  5. The wood of your table is so beautiful with the white set against it and I love all of your pumpkin shapes. Isn’t it amazing what they are growing now? Your apple pie looks over the top yummy too! Isn’t fall so fun?! Thanks for your visits. They are always so wonderful!

  6. I love all of the white produce on the table, and it was so smart to fold the napkin to cover the design on the plates. I want some of those spider web stems. They are fun, but at the same time, elegant. Well done. laurie

  7. Leffler October 18, 2013 — 8:56 am

    I think this may be my favorite table you’ve ever sent!

  8. so beautiful and I have never seen pumpkin like that before

  9. Perfect is right. You have the knack to whip up the best tablescapes and meet the design challenge too.

  10. I love those white squash and pumpkins. Pretty centerpiece and I love the spider stems too. This is beautifully executed…Christine

  11. Wow, Linda, I would have never thought of starting with white produce! You have rocked this challenge. I love your table and the addition of spider web glasses is perfect!! Great job!

  12. Great job- you met the challenge very nicely! Love the white pumpkins and squash. I never heard of that term pattypan before- cute! You worked in your 2nd color very nicely- love the spider web stemware!

  13. Simply elegant, Linda! Love your produce centerpiece.
    Have a wonderful week…

  14. Absolutely love this Linda!!

  15. I love it too!!! Beautiful “white” table setting 🙂

  16. Looks amazing! Now I am inspired…

  17. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop! ♥

  18. I love this Linda!! This is definitely a table I would have, the white pattypan squash are so cute, great inspiration, and to get white eggplants etc, just brilliant! And aren’t you clever to just cover up that cute daisy with a napkin! Your spider web glasses are perfect. You get my vote!

  19. Lovely… The white pumpkins is a great idea… Looks so elegant…

  20. Really nice…love those spooky goblets. Pretty table setting.

  21. Love your white decorations – I grew white pattypans this year, totally tasty, and beautiful to look at. I like how you met your challenge too !

  22. LOVE this one! You certainly win the award for most white vegetables. My favorite element are the sticks. Pure genius that elevates this table from simple to chic!

  23. Great table! We were thinking alike Black & white.

  24. I love it!! I’m now thinking about doing a “white” table for Thanksgiving. Wouldn’t the food colors pop? thank you!

  25. Oh and you accomplished the challenge so well…love those beautiful pumpkins and squash…they seem to just gleam in the light….and what a view!

  26. I am so impressed that you located so many gorgeous FRESH vegetables for your table. Paired with the black and the jewel-like touch of sun, you’ve created a gorgeous sophisticated design. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  27. I love the look of the table, love the black and white and adore the goblets, wow they are so striking with all the other white…who wouldn’t love to be having a wonderful dinner there…

  28. Gorgeous.. well done Linda.. ps.. happy gathering together next Friday ‘Travelling Sisterhood’.. I’m sure Linda will do an amazing tablescape like this one.. she’s a treater!

  29. How smart are you…….the table is adorable finding all of the different white veggies must have been fun….I really love the look. And the stemware !!!! I must have them too. Guess where I am going tomorrow?!!!!!!

  30. All white what a challenge, using a napkin was great. What you don’t see is was the best idea I have heard of in a long time. LOL

  31. Very pretty! I love the softness of the white squash against the black accessories. Rustic and sophisticated! I was a little late to the party. It looked like it was a fun challenge!


  32. Black and white are just perfect for this time of year. You did a great job and that last photo is soooo beautiful!!

  33. How clever to think of pattypan squash! The produce department is a great place to find just the right colors, though. I used a bowl of plums once when I needed some purple! I have never seen a white eggplant — but all the varieties you included look wonderful with your black accents!

  34. I applaud you!!! Fantastic table………..I just love it! You did much better than I would have!

  35. Love it! Those squash are perfect! As far as I know, those plates are white, cause that’s what I see! 🙂
    Thanks for taking the challenge, simple and lovely! Great stemware too.

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