By the time we leave Houston, spring has come and gone, but the season comes late on Maine’s coast so when we arrive late May spring is just beginning.  Except for playing havoc with my allergies, experiencing spring a second time is a delight.

Rockport HarborThose first days here trees have barely budded, but after a couple of days of rain followed by sunshine they will sport their innocent green.

flowers/tulipsTulips are good for a few more days, and there are other flowers waiting to burst forth as they bow their heads until next year.

flowers/poppiesOvernight it seems, poppies are everywhere.  I have learned, however, that it is best to leave them on their stems as they do not hold up well after they are cut.

flowers/dianthusDianthus line the path along the rock wall

flowers/rhdodendronand rhododendron replace azaleas with their clusters of white, pink and fuchsia blooms. 

flowers/peoniesThe first peonies bloom

flowers/peonyand are teasers for all the glory that will appear in another week or so.

flowers/bachelor buttonBachelor buttons shyly say hello

flowersand then there are these

flowersthe names of which I have forgotten.

flowersMaybe you can help.

Yes, spring the second time around is a gift freely given and gladly received, and the good news is that here flowers will be, as my daughter says, brave and outspoken all summer.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


Weekend Flowers

Pink Saturday

Show and Tell Saturday

Seasonal Sundays

Make It Pretty Monday

26 thoughts on “Second Time Around

  1. The big pink ball shaped flower is allium and the lasy one is lily of the valley. All beautiful! I love that picture of the harbor. I’m slowly doing some online reading about Rockport and Camden…it sounds like a very interesting place to see. We are so ready for a trip somewhere!


  2. I have no clue what the missing plant names are but the pink ball type of flower is a definite favourite of mine (have to confess a soft spot for tulips and the poppies too though)

  3. Lulu, I so love the first photo of your view. Oh, to wake to that beauty everyday, would be a blessing and to leave the heat of Texas behind, a double blessing!!! Your photos of all the pretty flowers are spectacular. Happy Summer in Maine.

  4. Thank you so much to stop by and have a look at my kitchen.Nice to get a comment from you .I am a nature lover.The photography and flowers look just awesome…:):).

  5. Gorgeous Linda and you’re oh so lucky to enjoy two springs and climates as long as you have plenty of Zyrtec 🙂 Love the allium!

  6. the last photo is “solomon’s seal” for sure as I have it in my yard and the allium – but you know that already from your other commenters – as for the mystery in the middle…hmmm – seems familiar – looks like it might have a woody stem, but I can’t place it!

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