Peony Heaven

peoniesIn our family, when something is abundant we call it _________ heaven.  For the last couple of weeks, peony heaven describes the bounty that has existed in the garden.

peony bouquetThese beautiful blooms don’t last long especially if there is rain that weights them down, so I cannot resist cutting a few every day.

IMG_1497In a variety of containers, they are placed on every flat surface in the house

IMG_1509from the kitchen

IMG_1508to the bathrooms.

IMG_1446Their variations amaze me.  There are tree peonies the blooms of which remind me of a ballerina’s tutu.

Peonies come in  shades of pink ranging from bubblegum pink to luscious fuchsia.

white peonyThere are whites, some with layered petals reminding of ruffles,

IMG_1435others flat with yellow centers and tinges of pink.

IMG_1565What is sad is that these beauties last for such a short while, but even as they fade and petals drop I see them as works of art.

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Garden Bounty

While I may not be very experienced  when it comes to laying out a garden and choosing complementary plants, the garden does provide bountiful beauty from spring until fall.

Gardening is a learning process filled with errors and rewards.

The reward comes when the garden blooms making it possible to cut a few stems varied in color and texture.

flowers/rhdodendronThe rhododendrons are all but gone,

peony but coming in right behind them are peonies changing daily from tight little buds

peonyto partially open teasers

peonyto full blown beauties.

They don’t last long, especially if it rains, so I cut them and fill the house where they can be enjoyed.

Their differing colors and textures make each bloom a special gift.  Salvia, which tries to take over my little garden, provides wonderful contrast, and the alium which is past its prime adds an interesting texture.

So grows my garden.  It may not be perfect, but the same is not true for the beauties that grow there. 

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Peony Love

peoniesYou cannot imagine how excited I get over the peonies that fill my garden with their vibrant blooms for a few short weeks this time of year.  These are not a sight to be seen in the warmer climes of Houston.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith so many blooms, how is it possible to resist cutting and bringing them inside to add beauty to any room?  You can bet that some will always find their way to the dining room table to become the focal point of a tablescape.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy oft used bottles are perfect containers and are so easy to configure in attractive arrangement.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith these beauties on the table, the rest is easy. Dishes and flatware that I found last year on sale at Target are understated additions.  Napkins pick up the colors in the antique cloth that is used as a runner and the turned back corners add a little flair.  Simple to say the least!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the peony blossoms dropped some of its petals and rather than throw them away, I scattered them on the table.  I wonder if the folks who ate here thought I’d been negligent in not cleaning them up!

IMG_6839Preparing a table is my favorite part of readying for any meal, and, as this one shows, it doesn’t have to be elaborate to be appealing.  When nature provides such abundant beauty as inspiration for creativity, the hard work is already done.

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From Bud to Beauty

peonypeony: a type of plant with large pink, red or white flowers named after Paeon, a student of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing

peonyCan you imagine this beauty being used to relieve headaches and help with asthma as it was in ancient times?

peonyFrom the time a peony is a tight little bud

peonyattracting ants with the nectar that forms on the flowers 

peonyuntil it drops its petals in a snowy mound, it is a thing of beauty.

peonyWho can bear to leave them outside to be weighted by rain and buffeted by wind

peonywhen inside, blossoms, alone or clustered, can brighten a room

peonyor add color and texture uniquely their own.

No wonder peonies are a favorite for so many people, and I am no exception.  Having them in my own back yard, at least in Maine, is a special treat and I savor each blossom from bud to finish during its short blooming period.  Not only do I relish a peony’s incredible beauty, I’ve even learned to pronounce  pe-e-ny rather than pe-o-ny as my great grandmother used to say!

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The Scoop


Second Time Around

  By the time we leave Houston, spring has come and gone, but the season comes late on Maine’s coast so when we arrive late May spring is just beginning.  Except for playing havoc with my allergies, experiencing spring a second time is a delight.

Rockport HarborThose first days here trees have barely budded, but after a couple of days of rain followed by sunshine they will sport their innocent green.

flowers/tulipsTulips are good for a few more days, and there are other flowers waiting to burst forth as they bow their heads until next year.

flowers/poppiesOvernight it seems, poppies are everywhere.  I have learned, however, that it is best to leave them on their stems as they do not hold up well after they are cut.

flowers/dianthusDianthus line the path along the rock wall

flowers/rhdodendronand rhododendron replace azaleas with their clusters of white, pink and fuchsia blooms. 

flowers/peoniesThe first peonies bloom

flowers/peonyand are teasers for all the glory that will appear in another week or so.

flowers/bachelor buttonBachelor buttons shyly say hello

flowersand then there are these

flowersthe names of which I have forgotten.

flowersMaybe you can help.

Yes, spring the second time around is a gift freely given and gladly received, and the good news is that here flowers will be, as my daughter says, brave and outspoken all summer.

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Woe Is Me!

One of the things I most look forward to in Maine is my garden coming alive with peonies, a favorite flower that just doesn’t grow in Houston.

They have different shapes  and sizes 

and bloom white

and beautiful shades of pink, light

and dark.

I love going out every morning and welcoming them, taking in their lushness

and maybe even snipping a few for an inside bouquet.

Alas, this year I missed all but the buds because of a nearly three week absence and today my beauties look like this

and this

and this.

Oh well, there’s always next year, and they will return.  I will marvel over their beauty and be reminded once again of my friend Linda who loved these beautiful flowers.

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