What’s It All About?

Black Friday?  Cyber Monday?  What’re they all about, an exercise in retail mania?

Is it just me or do some of you remember when the Christmas season didn’t start until after Thanksgiving and the time from one Christmas to the next seemed an eternity?  That anticipation made the holiday  so special.

These days we don’t even make it to Halloween before Christmas decorations fill the stores and reminders tell us how many more shopping days there are until Christmas.  Talk about stress!  Before Thanksgiving, streets, malls and shops are fully decorated and Christmas music is playing nonstop on the radio.   Can we at least digest our turkey before all the hubbub begins?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bah humbug person.  I love the holiday season with all its  decorations, festivities, music, smells and tastes, but it’s just gotten to be too much too soon.  Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, I’m ready to begin preparing for Christmas. This year I’m going to resist the traffic and mall crowds and focus on the meaning of the season, share the joy of friendship, spend time in my studio attempting to create gifts, sing along with the music, do a little baking if I can resist the temptation to overindulge.

Hmmm, I better get started.  There’s only 27 more days til Christmas!  See, I fell right into that trap of feeling the pressure.

How about you?  How are you going to ready for the holidays?

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9 thoughts on “What’s It All About?

  1. Judie, you are right about the confusion. It almost sounds like if we spend lots of money during the holiday season everything will be better. Go figure. To you I say make that time with friends happen.

  2. I find it so confusing, when the media talks everyday about the recession we are in and then all of a sudden billions are being spent on black friday, small saturday, cyber monday. Would it not be nice to go back to a time when things were made from the heart and given in love, rather that trying to survive in a stampede for China’s latest cheap products that someone in the US is telling them what we need? I may be crazy, but I long for just a simple life with my friends, both human and animal, to just relax and enjoy without all the stress.

  3. I think your heart is completely in the right place. There should be more of what you’re doing and a little less of the commercialism.

  4. thanks so much for stopping by and for your nice comments

    there is a rant on my alternative blog, “Everyone is Entitled to My Opinion” where I expressed the same sentiments

    nice to know I am not the only one who finds the whole black friday/cyber monday ludicrous

  5. I was irritated that they had Christmas stuff out with the Halloween stuff. It felt like they were skipping over Thanksgiving. Since my daughter lost her job last March I am Santa. So we worked off of the Santa/Wish list and finished last month. She gets to do the wrapping .I laid on the couch on Black Friday and watch the craziness unfold on TV. People spraying pepper spray over stuff that cost a few dollars more the day before. It’s just sad I tell you.
    When I was a little girl, we helped mom bake and make candy, then wrapped up the goodies in wax paper and tied curling ribbon around it to give to our neighbors and friends for Christmas. Some years we used pretty tins. We received great joy in getting a Christmas card from friends and distant family members that we decorated our door with them (inside of course). We walked the hunting reserve with our dad for the perfect sand pine Christmas tree. We strung pop corn and cranberries for garland. We made our own wreath, out of the discarded branches, for the front door, and we didn’t know we were poor. Those were the best Christmas’ I’ve ever had.~Ames

    1. Thanks, Ames, for sharing your story. Maybe we should try returning to simpler times.

  6. I have pulled out all the boxes and actually finished a table for the 1st party of the season. I didn’t put up ANYTHING before Thanksgiving. I, too, prefer to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday thoroughly, THEN get on to Christmas.

  7. It does feel like it all comes too fast. I just heard a coworker say something today about how more people seem excited by Black Friday than Thanksgiving.

    1. Sad, isn’t it, but I think there’s some truth there.

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