Looking Back

“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.”

Moslih Eddin Saddi

Over the years I have been fortunate to travel to a number of places, and while there have been many to enjoy, Italy remains at the top of my list of favorite destinations.  Here are some of the reasons why.

The countryside which seems so precious to the Italian people.

Artistry that has passed through generations.

Markets with everything from soup to nuts.

Food made with oh so fresh ingredients.

People whose warmth is  welcoming and contagious.

Laundry drying outside windows.

Color and texture.



Tell me, what are your favorite places?

i love your comments, so jump right in and share your thoughts

8 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Oh I SO want to go!! Love your photo of the doorway & laundry hanging outside the window! We had a wonderful experience in Barcelona, no beautiful countryside, but city & architecture to admire. It’s always fun to visit those open air markets and see and sample the local fare.

  2. It’s a chilly, rainy, Maine morning and I woke up thinking “wish I were in Tuscany”. Last night I rented a Italian netflix movie- “the best of you” and couldn’t believe it when a good portion was filmed at the villa in Contignano. If you need an Italian fix Linda, I think you’d like the movie!

    1. Was the locatio a surprise or were you aware the villa was part of the film’s locale? A delightful setting for sure.

  3. I am with you, Italy is the top for me! Food is a huge part of my vacations and everything I had in Italy from a bread store to a gelateria, to anything on the street was fantastic. The people are wonderful and warm and it is so gorgeous.

    I love their doors too, so beautiful. You could spend a lifetime photographing just their doors. We leave for Paris and Bologna in two weeks and I can’t wait to blog about it! I have gotten even more excited being with you on your trip.

    1. I have never spent any time in Bologna so I will look forward to journeying there with you.

  4. Provence! For lots of similar reasons, but it helps that I speak the language. Gives me a feeling of connection and appreciation. And in both Provence and Tuscany, I just LOVE the slow pace!

  5. Marci Copeland May 17, 2011 — 6:47 pm

    Hey, Lulu,
    Have so enjoyed all the postings from Tuscany. We were there last spring and are going back next April. One of my favorite places! Love your pics, love the food, the wine, the countryside, the churches. Last year, the most unique place was Cinque Terre. Loved the Camino del Amore ( did I throw in some espanol) and Vernazza. We ate lunch in a restaurant in/on the presipice (?) of the medeival wall,at least 50, maybe more, feet above the sea. The waves were high and we were continually baptised during our beautful meal of mussels, pasta, bread, and vino.

    1. If you are thinking Tuscany, you just might want to include a Foodie Adventure which will occur again next April. It’s terrific!

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