Saved Words

My taste in books, as in most other areas, is eclectic. I love words and am fascinated by how different authors use them to create atmosphere, describe place, develop characters or make me laugh.

I vaguely remember this book and have no recollection of why I chose to read it. Perhaps it was the title and the cover color. Even so, I found words from it saved in my notes. As I read them, I laughed out loud and thought them too good not to share.


1. Never write anthing to a boy you wouldn’t want published on the front page of the New York Times.

2. Don’t be loud.

3. Never trust anyone, male or female, who say “Trust me”.

4. Never let a man see waste in your kitchen sink drain.

5. Always leave some food on your plate.

6. Never tell a girlfriend when you like a certain boy.

7. Never call a boy.

8. Never open a car door yourself or offer to split the check. If you expect to be treated like a lady, you will be.

9. Never do anything with a boy you’d be embarrassed to have him tell his friends.

10. Never criticize a gift even if you loathe it.

Some of this advice might have worked in my day, but I’m not sure about now. Maybe I’ll send it on to granddaughters and see what they have to say!

11 thoughts on “Saved Words

  1. Well, with social media as it is today, #1 is definitely a no go with most folks! I particularly love #6 and #8. Food for thought. But I won’t leave any of that food on the plate!

  2. All good advice!
    I hope your granddaughters will appreciate this!

  3. Kind of funny… and still some good rules. This would have worked for me when I was young.

  4. I actually like this advice. It is certainly a different time now’

  5. Times have definitely changed!

    1. Jenna,
      You’ve said it.
      “Times have changed”, much of it for all the worst, especially lack of good manners and respect.

  6. I remember following the car rule on a date in my teens and the guy was livid at my refusal to exit. I think he was upset because I had followed rule 9 – 🤣!

  7. Appears to be good advice, from the eyes of this 62 year old guy 😊

  8. I think these are still good rules.

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  9. This would have worked in my day, too! It looks like good advice to me. 🙂

  10. Carol Andrykovitz July 12, 2022 — 1:53 pm

    I was also laughing. I not sure it will work today. Let us know what you’re granddaughters think.
    Happy Summer.

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