Sunday Wanderings

On a beautiful fall Sunday nothing beats wandering in the Maine countryside. No matter what direction is chosen, the landscape is alive with color.

Heading north, I saw a sign pointing in the direction of the Covered Bridge Motel. Thinking it must be so named because of proximity to a covered bridge finding it became a priority. I wasn’t disappointed as a few miles down the road there it was.

This is Low’s Bridge which spans the Piscataquis River. It was constructed in 1830, however, it has been rebuilt several times thanks to being washed away by floods. The last time the bridge was destroyed was in 1987.

The current bridge was constructed off site and installed on the original stone mason abutments in 1990. Though built to closely resemble the original bridge, improvements were made that will hopefully prevent it from again being destroyed by raging water.

Since it wasn’t too far away, I couldn’t resist going to a favorite general store for a coffee and pastry.

Outside a young man was gathering his gear, and spying his walking stick I asked where he was hiking.

The answer was the Appalachian Trail which ends or begins at the base of Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park. For him another day or two would complete his journey begun in Georgia on March 23.

We had quite a nice conversation with a couple of things being worth sharing. When asked how the adventure had affected him he answered that he was changed from having spent so many months alone. I queried how and he responded by saying he thought he would be kinder and a better listener. That impressed me as qualities from which we’d all benefit.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Wanderings

  1. How I wish we were enjoying a Maine Autumn right now! Looks beautiful Aunt L. Love you!

    1. Today hasn’t been so great as many of those beautiful colors are littering the ground thanks to wind and rain.

  2. Love that bridge — and I’m glad it’s not painted. Just weathered.

    1. I agree. Painted it would not look so old.

      1. And, oh, the tales that bridge could tell!

  3. Your covered bridge is gorgeous with fall leaves close by. The hiker had valuable words. I know a young woman who did the whole entire trail! Amazing.

    Beautiful captures my friend. Happy week to you!

    1. Thanks Nancy. I think there is change in being alone.

  4. Now that’s a long hike for sure and great things to learn from it. I’d love to poke around in that store!

    1. Maine is full of little general stores, and I like each one.

  5. Beautiful bridge, and the quaint New England General Store sounds wonderful…how interesting to strike up a conversation with the hiker who had quite a story to tell!

  6. I had the good fortune to do a little work in Maine these past few weeks. So nice to meet the locals.

  7. I always love to see a covered bridge. Interesting what the hiker said, he definitely learned valuable lessons. I know someone who hiked the entire trail, what an experience and discipline to do so. Our son and DIL have hiked different areas of the trail.

    1. I learned there are 9 covered bridges in Maine so I have 8 more to find!

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