What’s With White?

Funny how trends establish themselves. When the neighborhood, actually a small city smack dab in the middle of Houston, started to redevelop houses were red brick Georgian style. Then came stucco followed by stucco with touches of stone. Over the years our little city took on a whole new look.

Though it seems impossible that redevelopment hasn’t run its course, such is not the case. Older houses continue to be replaced by new ones with amenities more suitable to today’s lifestyle. What many have in common is white!

For sure, new construction is all about white.

No matter the style, white is the choice for the exterior.

Here and there are touches of color, but white still dominates.

Even the original bungalows, once a natural brick, are yielding to the trend.

Right along with white is another common feature, especially in new construction, That is large paned windows framed in black. I notice that some houses built in the last two decades are updating to incorporate the new look windows. Pella must be loving the popularity of its product!

The good news is that all these houses are not next to one another so there remains an eclectic look to the neighborhood. As for me, I’ve not yet followed the trend but look to nature for sources of color inspiration. But, you know what? One of these days the colors will fade to an almost white. By then, white will likely be out of style!

How about where you live? Do you see trends that change with the decade?

15 thoughts on “What’s With White?

  1. We had a historic Spanish Revival house when we lived in Coral Gables and it was white…in keeping with its history. Our historic 1730 home in New Hampshire was white when we bought it but that was historically incorrect. We had it painted a mustard yellow color that was found on original wood. I guess everyone has a reason for the colors they choose. Your choice was perfect.

  2. I LOVE your house, Linda. There would be no changes made in that home!

  3. Your home is exquisite.
    Here in the Southwest… white stands out so not too many are white.
    I bet you are enjoying Maine right about now!

    1. Finally, we are in Maine and delighted to have a change of scenery.

  4. Moving to our country bungalow in the 2nd poorest county in Washington State we really don’t see decorating trends. 🙂
    Since white reflects the heat that might be a plus in hot regions.

    1. You know, Ellen, that is a very different way of thinking about the choice of white these days. Thank you.

  5. Billie keirstead June 5, 2020 — 8:28 am

    I have often wondered what is the purpose of your tower or silo.? Winding staircase, personal elevator like the one in Escape to the Chateau, ginormous telescope to a particular star or planet? Do tell. Meanwhile, your home will always be the standout for its originality.. Billie Marasa Keirstead, former classmate, current friend.

    1. OK, I have always been drawn to turrets and having one was a must when we built our house. It started out in the center and was simply used for stairs to the second floor. The hubby is a gifted piano player and I happened to mention to the architect that I envisioned him playing on a stage. Voila, the turret changed location to the front and has a raised area for the piano so the hubby now has his own private stage and the turret provides great acoustics. Loving our house is the reason I just couldn’t do the condo.

  6. Beautiful houses! Yours looks like a mini museum, and it’s full of museum like treasures too!

    1. The best thing about our house is that it’s us which is why the thought of moving was so hard.

      1. I’m glad you changed your mind…

  7. I love a neighborhood with varying architecture. We have so many subdivisions in our small town that are cookie cutter. I love your contemporary home!

  8. The photos look beautiful. I’m especially fond of the last design. It’s open and private. In my neighbourhood, there is a mix of traditional and ultra modern styles with hidden entrances, solar panels and biometric keylocks. I think that the design trends change every 10 years because the value of homes depreciate significantly after ten years. People feel it’s compulsory to reform their homes because building and safety standards are also changing. There are special loans for those kinds of project. Most significantly, design constraints exist and most homes tend to look the same.

  9. entertainingwomen June 4, 2020 — 11:48 pm

    You are far less judgmental than I. I call the new ones “ugly white boxes with black windows.” I think they imagine they are building contemporary homes, but they seem to be completely out of original ideas. That’s what I love about your home. It’s an original contemporary home. There, I’ve vented. Sorry. CherryKay

  10. Another great “look” at West U. Have a safe trip to Maine…….:) Hopefully when you return this way, things will be more open!

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