Day 50

How to define this day….is it the beginning or the end? Fifty days of staying in place thanks to the threat of contracting Covid19 is a long time. As days passed, they became easier as one blended into another and it didn’t matter whether it was Saturday or Wednesday! Thankfully, I found many ways to stay busy which made being away from friends and family bearable.

Now things are changing as malls and restaurants in Houston are gradually reopening. Funny but that makes me more anxious as there is still so much mystery surrounding coronavirus. Until seeing what happens as people reclaim their freedom, I’m going to continue staying close to home.

So what is there to remember about the last 50 days? Most striking were the cars that stayed parked on neighborhood streets resulting in quiet and little or no traffic.

More people were on the streets carefully maintaining social distance. Whether passing one another or stopping to chat, there was a friendliness that is sometimes missing when everyone is in a hurry.

Particularly impressive was increased activity among family members. It brought a smile as I passed families walking, riding bicycles, tossing balls together as it reminded me of earlier days in the neighborhood.

Have a birthday? No problem as celebrations were held in yards with guests carefully maintaining their distance. There was a certain gaiety at such happenings.

Speaking of birthdays, how could you not get a giggle out of this? I wondered if the now legal young person had some regret about not being able to celebrate with friends.

What was especially noticeable was the extra trash stacked on curbs. Luckily, public works personnel were on the job and they’ve definitely earned their pay in recent weeks!

Forty-six of 50 nights we had dinner prepared at home. Cooking with what was on hand was really quite fun.

The 4 nights we ordered out were a real treat. Restaurants are continuing to offer takeout as an option to dining in, and I’m more comfortable with that at the moment.

While these 50 days have been a test, there is much for which I am grateful, health being at the top of the list. Who knows what happens next, but I can’t imagine things returning to normal any time soon as there currently is no way of knowing just how deep the impact of this deadly virus is. Thinking about that and how many lives are challenged brings with it a deep sadness which makes thinking about the positives all the more important.

20 thoughts on “Day 50

  1. Similarly to you, I think it is nice to see families going for walks in my neighborhood.

  2. It’s definitely been a test on all of us. I hope to come out with lots of good growth in my inner being and hope to be able to look back at how I was during this time with no regrets. That dishwasher has never run as much as it has these past 6 weeks!!

  3. Very thankful that our state of AZ is going about it all very slowly. Nothing opening except elective surgeries and some parks, tennis courts and lakes are opening. But with social distancing.

    I am grateful for our health and my anxiety level has decreased. But I do have a sadness as I have my kids in Ohio and we just don’t know when we will make it out to our LakeHouse in Pennsylvania so that we can see them. But… one day at a time.

    That salmon looked delish!

    1. One day at a time is all we can do in such uncertain times. Life goes on but in a very different way.

  4. A very poignant post. We, too, are a bit anxious about the opening. Love the balloons, the people sitting in lawn chairs, and the masks and meals you prepared. Stay safe out there!

    1. I try not to feel anxious but it’s difficult. Houston is open in a limited way but the cases increase so I don’t know what to feel. I just stay home.

      1. It’s best if you can stay home, for sure. But we have to go to the grocery store and a couple of other places. It’s difficult to be cautious all the time.

  5. Linda, our state opened up some on May 1, but restaurants are still only curbside and hair salons are still closed. I have adjusted to sheltering at home and have enjoyed my hubby working from home. There is much to be thankful for!

    1. I am far more relaxed at home and am content to stay in place until more time has passed. I am very thankful for many things.

  6. Lovely pictures but I have seen some pictures where restaurants and beaches are full of people. Are those pictures for real?

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  7. DonNell Rushing May 2, 2020 — 8:35 pm

    I didn’t read it but I heard they had a lot more fun in 50 Shades of Gray than 50 Days of Quarantine. DNR

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    1. They must not have had puzzles!!!!

  8. We just were extended here in Ohio, till the end of May!?!

    1. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I kinda wish Houston had extended a bit longer as the city has been quite fortunate not to have had a high number of cases. I can’t help but think the reason is because we shut down early and took every precaution. I hope you are getting out and finding subject to photo. Take care.

      1. Thanks! My honey-do list has kept me in a lot, but many of the rooms in our home are getting a facelift! 🙂

    2. But sadly I don’t see people taking the lockdown seriously in the US.

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  9. Glad you are well, Lulu! I am going crazy being alone in this house, so different than having someone here.
    We have a long way to go here in NY.
    It’s very challenging.

    1. Kathleen, how wonderful to hear from you as I think of you often. It must be doubly hard going through this alone, and I hope you are getting out to take a walk and enjoy what spring has to offer. I think we all have a long way to go which is what makes this whole thing so scary. Take good care.

      1. Thanks! I’m doing my best.

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