The New Normal

When the Coronavirus scare has passed, all of us will have a story about our experience. For most of us, it has meant staying put, distancing ourselves from all that is a normal part of daily routines.

For me, it is Day 7 of not venturing outside the house except to take a daily walk and make one run to a restaurant for takeout. It was that outing that brought it all home. There was virtually no traffic on what are usually congested Houston streets. The Village, a popular shopping and eating venue that for all the years I have lived close by has been so busy that it’s hard to find a parking place, was desolate. No cars. No people. No shops open. Restaurants dark except for the ones daring to stay open for takeout. For a moment my eyes burned with tears as I realized the seriousness of what is going on not only here but worldwide.

I cannot begin to fathom the ultimate impact of this pandemic. Without question, businesses will close leaving tens of thousands of people without work. Left and right, folks have cancelled travel plans choosing to stay home which is going to dramatically effect those places so dependent on tourism to say nothing about the airlines and cruise lines that make it possible to experience travel. The list of what has been made vulnerable goes on and on, and there is no way of knowing the ultimate outcome.

What is so different about this situation is that we don’t know how to help one another. That is quite different from chaos caused by a natural disaster. Then we lend helping hands in so many ways. Now, because of the need to stay apart, the ability to assist someone in need is greatly reduced. The hubby and I have touched base with folks we know to be alone to see if they are OK, and that’s about all we can do. Were we to learn of a desperate need, we would do whatever possible to fulfill it.

Helpless does not begin to describe how I am feeling right now as what has become the new normal does not feel normal at all. Hopefully, social distancing does not extend for weeks as we are not at our best without time with friends and family. Whatever the situation I plan to stay positive and hope that foodstuffs in the pantry lend themselves to some creative cooking!

Wherever you are, stay safe and where there is opportunity to lend a helping hand, do so.

20 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. Stay safe and healthy you two!….Unfortunately in the midst of all this chaos, we had to move! It was a very difficult move but we got through it on a wing and a prayer!!

    1. The good news is you have something to do while being housebound. I’m betting you are enjoying getting everything in the new place perfect.

  2. What a great read! I wrote a little blog based on our new life during the pandemic,

  3. Lulu,
    I started on a reply, lost the text, typed it again and when it got so long that it looked like a small novel, made it into a separate blog post (for Friday). I hope YOU are safe…. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF! BIG Hugs … kiwi 🙂

  4. These sure are difficult times. Hopefully it won’t last very long

    1. There appears to be no way of knowing how long we will be housebound, but I am confident we will emerge in a positive way. Take care.

  5. This is difficult for everyone. We live in the country and are able to be outside and many can’t. My faith is in the truth that God is not taken by surprise by this virus, but He holds the universe in His hands!

    1. Your faith serves you well. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

  6. I have struggled with this as has everyone.. my heart goes out to other countries and of course to America. I called my neighbor who is in her 80’s and we talked for a half hour. She was so happy to share her memories and concerns. Like what was mentioned, we are blessed and need to extend to extend ourselves in safe ways to comfort each other. God bless

    1. You did what is the best we can do for one another right now. For sure you made a difference to your neighbor.

  7. You are lucky. In Manila, we cannot even walk outside our homes unless it is to purchase something.

    1. Very challenging times as we try to find our new normal.

  8. I have been in a funk all week. There is plenty for me to do, but I have not had the energy to do anything. Today I decided to change that. I walked two miles and made some of my special Nana Bread (named so by my granddaughters several years ago!) I plan to be productive each day, grateful for my blessings, and refusing to wallow around in the confusion of these times. Stay safe, Linda, and thank you for your wise words.

    1. You are on the right track, Patti. We must find ways to survive all the craziness.

  9. Cried off & on all day yesterday, better today, also was feeling achy all week and worrying about the virus & all the places I had been & friends & family I had been around, feeling better today. Just praying for my family and the world that we see the other side of this and will be better prepared. People in houston are pretty good with natural disasters but this is different…..

    1. Very different but I think Houston will deal with the same courage.

  10. Be well❣️ I am sure that you have heard that Rockport is virtually shut down. We feel grateful it is not tourist season! We spend our days checking on friends and family and enjoying our beautiful walks/climbs.

    1. Maine has to hope this will pass by summer otherwise a lot of folks will hurt worse than they do now. Keep in walking and park in the driveway.

  11. How fortunate we are to have comfortable homes and areas to quarantine ourselves in. Thankful the electricity is still on. It’s a strange new world we are experiencing. My new mantra is Stay Safe and Keep the Faith! I’m thankful for our blogging community.

    1. You have such a sweet spirit that I so appreciate.

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