Whole Lotta Shaking!

The calendar reminds that it is still winter, but there are signs of spring all around. Trees are beginning to leaf out though they’ve only been bare a few weeks, and some, like the redbud, are showing their first blooms.

One of my favorite signs that spring is on its way is the return of the robins to our fountain.

One by one they come, at first sitting quietly in the water and then beginning their shimmy shimmy shake shake!

Once the robin gets its shaking going on, there’s water flying everywhere!

Having kicked up its own storm, the robin then sits calmly and lets all those drops fall like rain.

All done, the robin takes one last shake and then flies to the top of the fence to be replaced by the next bird in line. Watching them may mean I’m easily entertained, but, hey, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying simple pleasures!

11 thoughts on “Whole Lotta Shaking!

  1. lulu,
    I have to say I’m jealous of our robin photographs… STUNNING! You must have been fairly close, or had an excellent zoom lens? EXCELLENT to see all the water droplets as if they are in freeze-frame!

  2. Beautiful photos. Looking forward to Spring.

  3. Wonderful photos- I absolutely love the ones of the robin in the bird bath.

  4. Fabulous! We have Bluebirds doing much the same here. It’s a joy to watch. Love Loie

    Lucile Oliver Hanscom 91 Eastward, Rockport, Maine. 04856 226 Dataw Drive, St Helena Island, SC 29920 Tel: 207-593-8228 or 843-838-7102 Email: Loie.hanscom@gmail.com


  5. Oh how I love seeing birds in our bird bath! So fun! And you captured their “Shimy Shake” very well!

  6. The robin bathing photos are so cool. Great job getting them! Makes me smile.

  7. Delightful Linda! Wonderful captures!

  8. The simplicities of life are what makes living an adventure, Linda. You are my model for such a statement by gathering daily photos that capture such things. I can’t wait to see what picture comes to life next in your world.

  9. Lovely photos and I love simple pleasures. It doesn’t take much to entertain me!

  10. You take the best pictures. Do you use your IPhone? DNR

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Sometimes but for photos like this I use my camera.

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