Morning. First one up. Quiet. Gray skies over the hills.

A good day to stay inside. A pajama day.

Time with a daughter. Sharing laughter remembering funny things.

Tears. Saying I’m sorry.

It’s not always easy to be a mom or a daughter. In The Nix is a line reading “The things you love the most will one day hurt you the most.” Sad that loving can be a painful part of relationships.

Important to remember love is patient and kind and keeps no records.

Life….not always perfect. Accepting imperfection a challenge.

Thoughts on a day becoming brighter as sun begins to move clouds away. Maybe a metaphor for love being stronger than pain.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

16 thoughts on “Musings

    1. Accepting imperfection with forgiveness, a good thing. That’s not the kind of bird I’d expect on a birdbath! 🙂

  1. Oh, Linda – your are such a good Mother. We live through waves of love and disappointment with our children. Look for the morning sun and allow hurtful happenings to take a back seat. Love you!

  2. Beautiful pictures and very wise words. We just celebrated the engagement of my step daughter (pictures on our Facebook page). It’s hard being a step parent as you do not have the final say in things like you do with your biological children. It was wonderful hearing words from her mothers sister of how thankful they were for my presence in her life. Especially when my values and way of living were so different from her mothers. It caused quite a clash of the minds 10 years ago during her teenage years between her and I and I knew she must have told all the perceived terrible things I said/made her do in our home (which was consistent with how I raise my own children). It made the moment even more special to hear the appreciation given for the balance I brought to her life and how she would not be where she is now without my presence. Life has a way of evening things out in relationships.

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