The Accidental Table

“So,” said the daughter, “do you think it’s time for me to inherit the Spode Christmas dishes?” She may have thought she was joking, but her message came just in time for me to pack them up and take them to Tennessee where we were going to be celebrating Christmas. The hubby thought I was nuts, and the daughter was totally surprised when the bag was unpacked and out came the dishes. Hey, there’s nothing like spontaneity!

The task of setting the table for Christmas dinner was given to me and was a bit of a challenge as it wasn’t immediately obvious to me what could be used as accessories. A trip or two around the house provided a few things with which to work. There was a red and white plaid blanket from the back of a chair that could be folded to serve as a table runner and from another era came a couple of teddy bears. So began the making of a table. Outside was a still healthy rosemary bush, and a few sprigs came in handy not only to fill some space but to add a pleasant fragrance to the table.

Now, keep in mind this daughter is very much a fan of French country decor, so it was inevitable that the table have those touches. Scallop edged placemats are the new backdrop for the Spode dishes and with several teenagers joining us for dinner, it made perfect sense for them to be paper.

Stems are the ever popular bee embellished ones,

and the napkins are French traditional white with red stripes woven in. To dress them up a bit, a sprig of rosemary was tied with red and white twine. Thank goodness for that rosemary bush!

Considering this is a table that was not supposed to happen, it turned out OK. The Christmas tree dishes are fine in their new environment, and it tickles me that the daughter wanted them though she might not have been expecting them quite so soon! Now all that is left is to enjoy the meal that will soon be shared with family. That’s the gift of Christmas.

I hope you have had a most wonderful day.

28 thoughts on “The Accidental Table

  1. Setting the holiday table is one of my joys and yours is very inspiring. I hope your holiday is wonderful and I look forward to following your life in 2018.

    1. Who knows where life will take us in 2018? Let’s live it with gusto.

  2. Old Master sterling looks wonderful with the Spode pattern. That was my mother’s pattern.I like the Spode Christmas tree on the white placemat. I have that pattern and always look for new ways to use it. You would never know the placemats were paper. The blanket table runner with rosemary and the striped french napkins made a beautiful table. The teddy bears were cute, too.

    1. Sometimes you work with whatever is available and find that it doesn’t take much to make a happy table. What’s really important are the people around it. I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season.

  3. A beautiful table for a wonderful family…I know you must have had a delightful Christmas.

    1. We came to Maine the day after Christmas. It is freezing cold and our heat’s not working so we are heading back to Houston tomorrow. I’m bummed!

      1. Oh what a shame. Travel safe.

      2. Just thought about your home…hope the pipes don’t freeze.

  4. Beautiful table, Linda! And what a gracious thing for you to do, to give your daughter the Spode dishes before she was probably even expecting them. Happy Nee Year!

    1. I’m happy she wanted the dishes. Now I can keep my eye open for something new.

  5. Linda, that table looks just fabulous. I would be so proud of my Mother for doing such a wonderful job on Christmas Day. What a holiday surprise it must have been.

    1. I don’t know how proud she was, but she got a kick out of my bringing the dishes. Very good to see you doing so well.

  6. Merry Christmas!! What a beautiful surprise for your daughter! The table is so elegantly set. Enjoy your time with the family. Funny, we were actually headed that way but the weather unfortunately forced us to change plans. Happy New Year!!

    1. Weather is not a friend right now. We are in Maine where it is freezing and our heat is on the fritz. Heading back to Houston tomorrow.

  7. That is so sweet that she wanted them! You did a wonderful job creating her style at the table, and what a generous Mom, to give the china to her now when you can both enjoy her using it. Merry Holidays Linda!

    1. Now that the daughter has the Spode, I have a good excuse to find something new!

  8. entertainingwomen December 26, 2017 — 11:28 am

    Hmmm… life is so interesting. Yesterday as I sat at my daughter KC’s lovely table for Christmas brunch, dining on her Christmas Tree Spode, I wondered if the time had come to give her all of my own Christmas Tree Spode. Your table is wonderful. The French stripe napkin was a nice addition. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. CherryKay

  9. That was a good spontaneous thing to do. The dishes look nice in their new home! Glad you could travel and enjoy Christmas together.

  10. What a pretty table! Wishing you a very happy festive season. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Grace. Now we can look forward to 2018.

  11. Rosemary to the rescue, it graced my napkins at Christmas dinner! It is a beautiful setting, Linda!

  12. Great timing for the dishes to make a move. They added to the Holiday and gave comfort of fond memories and loving support by your daughter’s parents.

  13. Loved your story Linda! We had a good day and it is off to bed!!

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    1. It is freezing in Maine so we are heading home early.

  14. Hi Lulu, beautiful setting! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you. It’s wonderful to hear from you and I hope you are doing well.

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