Same But Different

It’s no secret that I like setting tables, but that doesn’t mean every one has to be completely different. It’s not unusual for me to leave a centerpiece in place for days, and with a few simple changes give a table an entirely different look.

This time of year I’m crazy about using pumpkin and gourds. Last week’s table showed them mixed with twigs for a natural fall look.

This time around, a couple of pumpkins were removed, a black raven and candles added.

The candle holders are in my trusty green bottles which blend right in. I’m chuckling as I remember how the candle holders came to be. A friend’s husband came home with an antique Bingo set so she decided to have a Bingo party. Everyone brought a white elephant gift that went into a basket of prizes for lucky winners. When it came my time to choose, I took the candle holders from a guy who seemed very happy to have a chance at another prize!

Back to the table. It was simple to add yellow plates that picked up the tone in the runner and the gourds and patterned napkins in the same fall colors.

The napkin fold couldn’t be easier….quarter, fold on the diagonal, turn back the corners.

pa044451.jpgFor fun, I put a little cauldron with a miniature fake pomegranate on the plate and called the table setting done.

Next day, late afternoon sun gave the centerpiece a dramatic glow which set me to thinking about the next change.  Suggestions?

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Tablescape Thursday

9 thoughts on “Same But Different

  1. Your table settings are always such fun to see. Cute white elephant story. I’m sure your dinners are a delightful event.

  2. Nothing is more fun than tweaking and playing…

  3. Linda, I love the ease in which you tablescape. Every setting is warm and inviting!

  4. I am so with you! I don’t mind at all using elements over and over in different ways! It’s all about creativity! What’s more creative than finding a way with pumpkins??!?! They’ve been used as decorations for so long…any little variation is great! Nicely done!

  5. It’s nice to see another beautiful table – while using many of the same elements – this means your very versatile!! The pumpkins and gourds are nice because the stay a little longer than fresh flowers so you can use them over and over.

  6. You’ve sure changed enough for this one to look completely different. That’s a funny white elephant story – glad you got the green vases! Simplicity is elegance, and your tables always are that. Thanks for the napkin fold inspiration. That’s something I’m a slacker with lately.

  7. How beautiful….love the fall, glad I manage to decorate my door!

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