A Little Mishap

Last night while I was fixing supper the hubby was playing with my new iPad on which I’d been practicing writing a blog post offline.  Unbeknownst to him he published the unfinished piece with all its grammatical errors and missing photos.  When I made the discovery several hours later I was not a happy camper.  What’s a blogger to do?  The only answer was to edit the mishap.  If you are one of those who saw the accidental post, it has been corrected and I hope you will take a look here as it will tell better the story of why fall is both happy and sad for me.

It occurs to me that some of you may have had your own mishaps.  Care to share?   

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9 thoughts on “A Little Mishap

  1. Well I’m impressed with how your post turned out from your new iPad. I know how you feel about fall…we had the same experience every fall when we closed down our summer cottage in Maine and headed by to New Hampshire.

    1. Headed “back” to New Hampshire. 😀

  2. Oh dear – that has nearly (just not quite) happened to me a few times!!

  3. Is it possible he just wants to do what you are doing? Get him thinking ideas and a name…set him up …and let him write to his heart’s content. T.

      1. I’d be curious if he’s a jump in with two feet or dip your big toe in the water guy? Also if he takes off running at an even pace or jumps when something intrigues him. Show him the ropes and see what evolves. It might be interesting . My daughter has a blog Beginningwithendo…and she always presses on me that she has 500 followers …but really a core group of 40 . Most of them are through instagrams . and I proudly state I have now 94..I remember when I got to 5 and felt like YES! and 58…because it’s my lucky number. Funny Uh? Therese

  4. Undress in public? Come on Lulu!

  5. Take comfort in knowing that you are not the first blogger that has ever happened to.

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