What A Day!

L 'Hermione

For days we’d been looking forward to sighting the French frigate L’Hermione and following her up the coast to Castine.

Rockport HarborFinally, the big day arrived and what a beauty it was, at least for a little while.

Rockport Harbor/fogThen, as often happens in Maine, the fog set in, thick as pea soup making it a not so good day for boating.  For two cents I’d have stayed home, but fog or no, the hubby was determined to be off so away we went.

We were not the only ones braving the fog to look for the frigate.  Vessels of every kind were on the hunt, and I was very grateful for good radar that spotted them in the distance because we couldn’t see another boat until we were right on top of it.

l'hermione/fogAt last, after more than an hour of circling and searching, here came L’Hermione  out of the fog and looking very much like a ghost ship.   What an incredibly mysterious sight!

l'hermioneThe sheer size of the boat, the majestic sails, the complex rigging all added to the drama of the moment.

l'hermioneSeconds later, as if by magic, the fog gave way to a brilliant blue sunlit sky and L’Hermione was immediately surrounded by boats filled with people trying to get close up shots of this magnificent ship.  

l'hermioneAs you can see, she dwarfed everything  around her.

With a flotilla that exceeded 100 boats, L’Hermione proceeded to Castine Harbor where crowds cheered her arrival.

l'hermioneWith sails trimmed and cannons firing, she made her grand entrance.

Her crew, mostly volunteers I’m told, gathered on deck and across the water could be heard sea chantys and the wail of bagpipes.

l'hermioneSome brave souls rode in on the bowsprit as interested in all the goings on as the spectators.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInside the harbor, the frigate was met by a tug that assisted her to the dock. 

l'hermioneThere she would rest for a couple of days before venturing on to her final destination, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. While in Castine, visitors would have opportunity to board and explore L’Hermione which is an exact replica of the ship that brought Lafayette to the aid of the colonies in 1780. It is meant to symbolize the long standing ties between the United States and France as well as provide an educational legacy that reminds of history many of us have forgotten.

l'hermioneAt the end of the day, I was so appreciative of the hubby’s determination as it made for  an amazing adventure, the kind that doesn’t come along every day!

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29 thoughts on “What A Day!

  1. Hi Linda,
    Beautiful photos!! So glad we were in Castine on that exciting and crazy day. At first, we were so confused and lost surrounded by the thick fog. But when the fog lifted, WOW! I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet this summer. Hoping we can next year.

  2. I love these ships. In 1992 the replica Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria ships came to Miami, Florida for 500 Year Columbus anniversary. I was astonish at how small the were.

    1. Those were small boats as was the one (forget the name) that took the first settlers to Jamestown. That boat, incidentally, was replicated right here in Rockport.

      1. Now that’s of interest. I’ll look into that.

  3. Your photos are beautiful. I almost feel like I was a stowaway and travelled along with you. XXOO

  4. How exciting! That is a beautiful ship.The fog sounds a little scary though.

  5. Yvonne Henderson July 27, 2015 — 7:24 pm

    OMG….what a wonderful sight. I showed the pictures to Hosea. He said leave it to Lewis to be determined. So happy for you both enjoying life!!!

  6. What a fantastic day in the life of Phil and Linda Lewis!! Just loved this so much. Thanks for
    letting us go along with you on this outing.

  7. Judi Valentine July 24, 2015 — 7:44 am

    Terrific morning meal entrtainment, Linda. So happy to be on your list.
    Judi V

  8. Ah, Linda…thanks so much for sharing those wonderful photos and letting all of us participate vicariously.

  9. I do know you appreciate your sweet husband’s determination…great that he didn’t let that pea soup fog stop you from seeing such a grand sight.

  10. What a fun day! Thanks for sharing with the pictures. It was enjoyable to read about the L’Hermione.

  11. Beautiful ship. Many thanks for the governments and NGOs that continue to restore and maintain — AND SAIL — these beauties. I love Elissa, and hope Galveston can keep her seaworthy. Gene

  12. OMG….I would have loved to be there for that! How fabulous!! Beautiful pictures as well!

  13. What a beautiful vessel! Glad the fog cleared for a good shot!

  14. What an amazing sight! And the photographs are incredible. Thank you!

  15. What a truly amazing vessel! I can’t imagine seeing it in person, close from your boat, I know it was breathtaking! I’m so glad you didn’t let the fog keep you home!

  16. Linda, great pics and we were sorry to miss having lunch with you but I know you loved your time with your daughter and grandsons, Aileen

    1. Missed seeing you as well but entertaining the boys took priority over everything. You know how that goes! Hope you all had a good trip.

  17. This was an exciting venture! Enjoying the ship terminology also.

  18. So glad that your hubby was determined to seek out that magnificent ship. I can only imagine how it looked like in person….So glad your efforts paid off … what a majestic sight!!

  19. What a magnificent occasion to witness, Lulu. Great photos.:)

  20. An absolutely breath taking experience. Excellent photos and narrative, I could almost hear the roar of the cannons as L’ Hermione made her entry…Edward

  21. Wow, you were so right…what an amazing adventure! So thrilled you got to experience it! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  22. What a beauty she is. Thanks for sharing your photos and wonderful narrative. Truly a day to remember for both of you. Lots of hugs, john and Carol with lots of Feeeeelins’

  23. Gorgeous!!!!! >

  24. What a beauty…. and the fog was amazing. A thrilling time was had by all it appears, thanks for sharing such a spectacular sight.

  25. Thanks for sharing ! What a beautiful ship!!

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