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One of the reasons for choosing Florence as a base for our month long adventure was its convenient access to bus and train terminals which made day trips very doable.

TuscanyOne of our favorite days was again with Dario for wine tasting and lunch in Castellini in Chianti.  


On the way we made a quick stop in Monteriggioni, one of my favorite hilltop towns.

TuscanySmall though it is, there are some very cute shops with items a little more unique than in Florence’s street markets.

Tuscany/weaving Would you believe there was a weaving studio, too, which this weaver could not overlook!

TuscanyArriving in Castellini, we were met by Dario for what was a fascinating few hours during which we learned much about the history of the area dating back to the Etruscans as well as about chianti and the differences between the various blends.

Tuscany I won’t go into all the details except to say that, according to Dario, Italians drink what is from their home area without making a big deal about nose and bouquet which they think is bunk!  Quite honestly, I rather like that approach as it makes wine selection quite simple.  From what I observed there are none but Italian wines on Tuscan shelves and those include a lot of wine priced less than $10 E!  I wish we could buy in the US more of what is available in Italy.

TuscanyHad we done nothing more than take in the beauty of the place, it would have been enough,

Tuscanybut a shared lunch  of mixed bruschetta and risotto made it even better.

TuscanyReluctantly, we left Dario and Fattoria Fregole to head back to Florence with a stop in San Gimignano.  

TuscanyIt, too, is one of the many towered hilltop towns that at one time served as fortresses. TuscanyIt is a popular destination, and this day it was so crowded that meandering was almost impossible.  That made us want to tarry only long enough to have a gelato!

Tuscany/familyAll in all, this was a most enjoyable day with the best part being getting to share it with one of the daughters and her family.  I like those times that go into our collective memory bank.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

18 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. Brings back memories. Beautiful!

  2. Wonderful landscape….it’s hard to believe the beauty of Tuscany.

  3. Linda, You are living my dream! A month in Tuscany and Florence with family, sampling the local cuisine and taking in all those amazing views! Your family looks so happy to be all together. Looking forward to more photos! Linda

    1. Don’t give up on the dream. I dreamed this month for a long time before it happened which made it all the more special.

  4. What a wonderful experience!!

  5. Great pictures and beautiful family too!!

    1. Thanks, Tina. I was happy to have part of our family together for a few days.

  6. Sherleen Zehner June 7, 2015 — 2:28 pm

    Am I too old for you to adopt me before your next trip? Wish I had bee n a mouse with you all on this one!

    1. Had you been the mouse, Sherleen, I think you would have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found plenty of cheese for nourishment!

  7. Looks fabulous! How wonderful to be able to spend time with family, too.

    1. Having part of the family join us for a few days made a good thing better.

  8. What one great photo of a beautiful family all together – SMILING!

  9. Gorgeous scenery! You have a beautiful family, Linda.

  10. How wonderful that Lindsey and family could join you! Great pictures of all of you in the two group shots….all of you girls are beautiful and the men ever so handsome.

  11. Brings back great memories! Gorgeous photos~

  12. What a great trip…..and having Lindsey and her family there part of the time made it even MORE special!

  13. Very lovely post. Great memories. Just like the travel shows. I have always wanted to go to that region of Italy.

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