Not With A Whimper

Sadly, Labor Day marks the end of summer in Maine. It doesn’t leave with a whimper in Camden, however, as the town fills with people who come to enjoy the Windjammer Festival.

WindjammerCamden is home to the Maine coast’s largest fleet of windjammers, and during Labor Day weekend others from nearby Rockland, Belfast and North Haven dock at the harbor.  Most of these grand old ships are over a hundred years old, and some have been given historical recognition.

WindjammerI love seeing their tall masts and complex rigging outlined against the sky.

WindjammerWindjammerWindjammerSpeaking of rigging, sometimes it needs checking for adjustments, and today, it was a young woman who had the task.  Watching her shimmy up the rope ladder gave me a little heart flutter as the top of that mast is a long way up!

Windjammer FestivalMost of the windjammers are day sailers, meaning they take passengers out for 2 hour cruises, but some go out for several days at a time giving guests opportunity to experience life on an old sailing vessel .  Keep in mind, these are not luxury liners and quarters are tight, about the size of a closet.  Best not to have claustrophobia here!

Windjammer FestivalHeads are as tight, and it doesn’t take long for passengers to decide showers are not a must!  I’m thinking traveling on Pipe Dreams is much more comfortable but without some of the adventure.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile windjammers are the main attraction of the weekend, there’s lots more entertainment.  A crowd favorite is the crate races where mostly lightfooted kids compete.  Too much weight on the crates sends the participant right into the water which is more than a little chilling!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALike me, many people capture images with a camera while others set up easels on the dock to sketch and paint.  Certainly, there is lots of subject matter.

windjammerAs activity winds down and the weekend draws to a close, people and windjammers depart for their respective homes taking with them memories of summer’s farewell.

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16 thoughts on “Not With A Whimper

  1. What a beautiful sight this must be!….and those quarters do look tight!…Love the “Plein Air” artists..

  2. Wish I were there now!
    Hugs to you and Phil….and of course, my cousins on Marine Ave.

  3. what a lovely experience you had!! How about getting a cup of coffee together when you get back?

    1. For sure. I return in November.

  4. This looks like so much fun and a reason to stick around! 🙂

    Jane xx

  5. So much to see and enjoy. Beautiful!

  6. Hi, greetings from Calcutta, india…. 🙂

    The captures are beautiful..hope summer lasts for a little long in Maine… 🙂 In this part of the world..we’ve summer for almost 9 months and it doesn’t feel good either… 😀

  7. what a great day out and brilliant photos

  8. What fantastic boats…love that last picture. Our Atlantic coast of France is similarly packed with wonderful wooden sailing boats of every size and shape.

    1. Yes, the last photo is special because it’s not often all sails are up.

  9. Beautiful job on the pictures and sharing the event!!

  10. So wonderful–love these pictures and tags.

  11. The ships are just breathtaking, and I love the “sailoress” shimmying up the mast! So much eye candy, I would be photographing non stop!

  12. I have loved my summer in Maine via your blog…thanks for a great look at all the wonders of Maine…

    1. Dang, I just wish it wasn’t over. I’ll likely pretend it’s not!

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