white tablescape/pumpkinsRemember these?  They have been appearing on one table or another since October.  The hubby was about to throw them away, but they were still in such good shape I couldn’t resist using them one last time.

tablescape/pumpkinsFor their final appearance, they are simply placed against a wooden candle mold which is my new favorite thing for a centerpiece.  There are so many things you can do with it.  Here it holds simple bottles of blooms interspersed with candles.

tablescape/burlapI couldn’t resist using burlap beneath the candle mold as it provides a wonderful combination of textures.

tablescapeOften flowers influence my choice of dishes as they did here.   These are Tracy from Target’s Octavia Hill collection.  I think I was attracted to them not only because of their color but because of the braided edge.  The stemware is from Pier One, and is generally used only at Thanksgiving, but it adds a just right touch here.

napkin foldnapkin foldnapkin foldnapkin foldThe napkin is made into a little pocket for the forks, and this is the easiest napkin fold ever.  Fold the napkin in half, then in half again.  Turn the top layer up about 1/3 to 1/2 way.  Fold in half, then half again and voila you have a pocket with no wrong sides showing.

tablescapeFinished, the table is warm and cozy, perfect for a winter night.   Honest, the pumpkins won’t be used again, but you know, I might try roasting them and see if they’re still good.  

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23 thoughts on “The Last Time…..Really!

  1. I love your table and the pumpkins add an interesting dimension. I couldn’t throw mine away either and they sat on my porch forever after Thanksgiving. Then I put them in the back yard. Believe it or not today I touched them and they were soggy after the ice and freezing temps. I saved the stems and will probably never do a thing with them.

    I love your plates and am attracted to the trim also. I know your guests always feel so special to be treated to such artistic tablescapes and great food I know. Love the burlap placemats and runner on top of your glass table too.

  2. What a beautiful table setting! I’m keeping my finger crossed that the pumpkins last a few more months and that you’ll be forced to have another post with them in the Spring. 🙂

  3. I see no problem with using something until it is 100% certifiably dead! Those pumpkins have served you quite well over the last 4 months, and I hope you’re able to roast them to enjoy their last hurrah!

    Great table setting, and a fun napkin fold! I like all the texture and the complimenting patterns on the table. It really keeps the eye interested!

    1. Whenever I post a table, it is for real. In Maine, friends enjoy sharing dinners at home. In Houston most of my friends don’t cook but we continue to have people over as it is the best way to enjoy an evening with friends. When I don’t post a table that means nobody’s coming for dinner, and that does happen a lot of weeks.

  4. I love your table! I have those same dishes and they really are some of my most favorites. I love to use them in the fall but I also have 3 of them hanging on my plate rack in the kitchen. The burlap looks wonderful with them…have to remember that! Your table is so warm and elegant!

  5. I can’t believe they are still good! Mine were thrown out ages ago. The white ones developed these blackish blue spots.
    The wood looks so great on the burlap and those gorgeous plates are just the perfect pop of color!

  6. Wow, way to get your money’s worth out of those little pumpkins! They still look great, and it’s definitely still winter, even here in Texas this week, so why not?

  7. Hi, Linda. I love your centerpiece! Thank you for letting us enjoy the pumpkins again. I finally took mine off the porch and threw them in the tree line last week. After all our freezing weather, I’m surprised they lasted. Maybe the cold actually helped(?). The rustic candle mold looks beautiful with the burlap! About your plates (which I am salivating over), I have a matching bowl, pitcher, and snack platter. When I bought them at Target, I don’t remember seeing dishes. How did I miss such beauty? I adore those braids edging your plates! I’m happy you have them so you can enjoy them. Blessings!

  8. I love your candle mold as a centerpiece Linda, it is so versatile! Your lighting makes your table so dramatic and highlights your beautiful Tracy Porter too!

  9. great table, and those plates are great, can’t believe you found them at Target! It is a stunning setting. BTW, I have actually saved mini pumpkins for a year, just keep them cool and dry and check them every so often and you might be able to use them again!

  10. Lulu, those pumpkins really are so universal! Just a sweet pop of white. I have one of those large molds and I love it! The plates really are unique and you’ve set a gorgeous table! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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