One More Time

Through Thanksgiving, I’m going to get as much mileage as possible out of the decorative gourds that have appeared with other table settings over the last few weeks.

This time they are paired with my favorite green bottles which haven’t seen much recent action.  I like using them because they don’t require much flower arranging talent and can be grouped in a variety of combinations.  As you might guess, flowers this time of year in Maine are not from my garden but from the grocery!

Now that the copper toned chargers have been rediscovered, they are used with harlequin patterned dishes, good in any season, and with colors of fall solids.

Even the wine glasses have hints of color that reflect those in the dishes.

Folding the napkin to make a pocket for the utensils is a simple touch.  Fold a quartered napkin in half and turn back the corners to create that little extra touch.

With everything in place and the lights turned down low, it’s back to the kitchen to put the finishing touches on dinner.  I’d love to have you come.

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9 thoughts on “One More Time

  1. Hi Linda~ I’m trying to get all the mileage I can out of my gourds & mini pumpkins between now & Turkey Day! The mini pumpkins last so long~ they are usually just as firm at the beginning of December as they were in September! I’ve been picking flowers from the market instead of the garden for a while now too 🙂 Love the sunlight streaming in on your tabletop!

    1. Wonder if a little spray paint would transform the gourds into Christmas decor!

  2. The gourds are showstoppers aren’t they? I didn’t grow any, but I grew yellow squash and they turned as warty and ugly as can be and they are in a bowl out on the front porch masquerading as gourds. You could never eat them.

    Yes, here is some advice. We stayed at Universal’s Portofino. If you are at one of their hotels, you get free opportunity to go straight to the front of the line. You can buy their “fast passes” but they are about $75 each and staying in their hotel totally pays for that. I don’t know if you already have your hotel but if you don’t, they are great. You can also walk to your hotel or take the boat there. It is really nice.

    We also got to go in one hour early so we raced into Harry Potter (not thinking that we might need something in our stomach and a half of a dramamine (ok so I am weak). It was a crazy ride and I was a little sick all day. If you can go early, head there first, hit the ride, then do the candy store and the wand shop. The wand shop always has a line but it is well worth it, really entertaining by a live Ollivander. You have to try the Butterbeer and you have to eat in the Hogsmeade restaurant. It was amazing. I just adored everything about Harry Potterland. If you can get the “fast pass” to the front of the line you can get through everything in one day and go back for more if you like. Have such a wonderful time!

  3. Love your photo with the sun.. so surreal. Your plates are so pretty for this time of year. Copper chargers rock! Love your green bottles, i’m still collecting.. xo marlis

  4. Entertaining Women November 14, 2011 — 9:49 am

    It’s always extra special when Mr. Sun makes an appearance at just the right time. Gorgeous photography of your marvelous tablescape. Cherry Kay

  5. Hi Linda, I made a comment on your previous post using gourds and was wondering about the brown bottles you had with them. Can you share?

  6. So pretty! Don’t you love how long gourds can be used? Some people get years from theirs! Love the last photo of your table!

  7. Beautiful table…I believe in getting mileage out of the gourds, too…I used my mini white pumpkins 3 weeks in a row. They will sit on the breakfast table until Christmas!

  8. Beautiful, young lady! You KNOW I believe in getting as much mileage out of things I’ve bought and paid for as possible! We thrifty gals have to stick together! 🙂 All of your gourds have such interesting shapes. I didn’t see a lot around here this year that were as texturally interesting as yours. Lovely way to extend the color of flowers by using a mass of vases!

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