Lakeside Casual

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. 

~Luciano Pavarotti and William Wright, Pavarotti, My Own Story

In Maine, a favorite get away for a lot of folks is a lakeside camp.  Camp means a cabin that is designed for warm weather use only and located in a very tranquil setting.  Camp is where you kick back and enjoy easy times with friends.

On this perfect evening, that was just what we did.

Appetizers were served on the screen porch

and the table was ready for a casual dinner.

The checked table cover looked like oilcloth, but the hostess revealed it was a 99 cent special from a local store.  It was just right for the white dinnerware and no doubt will be used again and again.

Flowers  from the yard were centered between candles that gave off a soft glow.

Dinner this night was real southern fare–bar-b-que chicken, corn pudding, tomato/cucumber salad–and I can promise you there were no scraps left.

The crowning touch? I can’t even think about this caramel cake from Caroline’s Cakes without drooling.  All of us could have eaten a second piece despite how rich it was, but we didn’t get that opportunity as half the cake was being saved for another occasion.  Boy, would I like to make that one, too!  By the way, if you have seen The Help, this very cake appeared in the movie.  Well, maybe not this one but one like it!

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14 thoughts on “Lakeside Casual

  1. Oh what a pretty setting and wonderful lake cabin. Love the simplicity of your delightful table setting — perfect for an evening after spending time by the water.

  2. Living a casual lifestyle makes you appreciate the simple things in life…good friends, good food, good times.

  3. That cake makes me want to fall off the sugar wagon I’ve been on the past few weeks. Wowza!

  4. There is no substitute for lakeside casual! Our favorite time of year at the lake is now thru the fall with most of the recreational boaters gone until Memorial Day. There’s nothing as peaceful as reading, eating or just sitting by the water.

  5. We have a family house from the 30’s with knotty pine paneling and a dining room with a green and white checked cloth, too! This makes me smile. I think that these country spots give new meaning to ‘the sounds of silence.’ Thank you for sharing your retreat/treat weekend. Cherry Kay

    1. Nothing beats comfy and cozy! Takes us back to when life was a little simpler. I am going to dream about that cake tonight! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a lovely spot.. I would never leave.. even in the winter. The food looks wonderful! pretty table too.. thanks for sharing. xo marlis

  7. What a wonderful setting for a relaxing dinner.

  8. Hey, Linda! I remember that Caramel Cake in “The Help”, and remember wondering how it might taste. Makes me want to bake one! I want to take something to my husband’s clinic for the nurses this weekend, so maybe that’s what I’ll do! Thanks for the idea! Meanwhile, what an incredibly peaceful setting that cabin is in! It’s beautiful inside and out. Nothing at all like the cabins at Camp Little Flower in my childhood! 🙂 I know the trend is toward white, but I love dark woods. They make me feel at home. This was a perfect tablesetting for a rustic camp retreat. Glad you guys enjoyed! Have a great weekend!!!

  9. Love the beautiful simplicity of your tablescape, and I’ve always had a special love for gingham!! Just LOVE it! (My compliments to the chef! That corn pudding looks wonderful, and I may just have to look up a recipe for that now!)

  10. I sense the special relationships you have in Maine and the pleasant times together. It warms my heart to see your fun times. You have wonderful food! That cake! Wow!

    I still haven’t seen The Help movie but I did enjoy reading the book. Life has been so busy I haven’t made the time to see the movie but I want to.

  11. What a great place to getaway, enjoying good food and company! So good to visit!


    Art by Karena

    I hope you will join my amazing Giveaway from Interieurs!

  12. Can we come visit you fall of 2012? You can come stay with us or use colorado anytime!!

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