Anything Goes, er Grows

Put it in the ground and chances are it will grow in Maine, at least in the summer.  Oh, what a joy that is!

Just take a look at my garden. Today it’s sprawled all over the place

when just a few short weeks ago it looked like this, all nice and tidy.

Tomato vines are so heavy they can no longer be contained, and I’m wondering how we will ever use all the tomatoes if they ripen at once.

Oh look, nestled among all the green is one little guy showing its color.

Who knew lettuce could grow so tall and keep producing faster than we can eat it.

Green peas are fat in their shell,

and green peppers are bigger each day.  Anybody know the right time to bring them in?

The radish supply has been exhausted, beets and cucumbers are still to come.

In the summers I’ve been growing in my small garden, some things have done better than others so there’s still a learning curve.  Without lots of sun, some veggies take forever to mature while others do fine with a few hours each day.  The best thing is that anyone can have a garden in a contained space.  Come back tomorrow and I’ll share with you how this one was constructed.  

Checking to see what others are doing on a Seasonal Sunday 

i love your thoughts, so jump right in and share yours

9 thoughts on “Anything Goes, er Grows

  1. What a wonderful garden. You’re headed for a bumper crop. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays. So sorry it’s taken me so long to visit.

    – The Tablescaper

  2. What a lovely garden. I have a summer home in Maine and have a vegetable garden as well. I just did a post on mine and they are very similar. I don’t think that there is a right or wrong time to pick peppers. I try to let a lot of mine turn red as I think they have a nice sweet flavor then.

  3. How beautiful your garden is! I am so envious of your tomatoes. I don’t have enough sun in my yard. We try every year with one plant in the flower bed but we are not producing. How do you fertilize? We have sandy soil which is the worst. Glad your summer is going well in Maine. I have been remembering you and your mother. I am at the beach this week and trying to read a novel instead of blogs. You can skip a few days and be so behind so I am conflicted.

  4. You know I’m jealous! I can’t wait till fall to start again…though not sure how good of a gardener I’ll be during card season.

    See you soon!!!

  5. Wow, your plants are gorgeous.. absolutely. I grew an herb garden this year and it’s actually doing well, but it’s not in full sun.. But watering is like clockwork, twice a day! thanks for sharing, xo marlis

  6. Linda, it makes sense that your green peppers are doing so well there, because mine do the best in the fall and winter. I’ve a 3-4 this summer, but that’s it. I pick them when I’m ready to eat them, which gives them no chance to get huge and rubbery!

  7. Maine looks like THE place for a veggie garden. I have two tomatoes left in the balcony garden … waiting for them to turn red (if the birds or squirrels don’t get them first). Otherwise, it’s too darn hot here! UGHUST in all its glory!

  8. Your veggie garden is doins so well, so luch and healthy!…Christine

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