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Valentine Day….Another Year

Years may pass with their associated changes, but there’s one thing that remains constant….dinner at home on Valentine Day.  How that started is told here.  Actually, I don’t mind this night at home because it’s a way for me to say thank you to the man who has given me so much that makes life very special.

Over the years nothing much has changed  except for the table where we enjoy the meal.  I like the tradition of using the same things year after year as it’s the only time the hearts make an appearance.

Not so the centerpiece.  Each year I try to do something that adds a new twist to the table. I found this cute little mailbox at Target and by adding flowers and chocolate the something new is created.

Nothing says Be Mine better than hearts and flowers.

Dinner may again be the veal chop that is part of our tradition, and dessert is going to be my attempt to duplicate the cute heart shaped brownies shared by Pinch of Yum.  No way can you go wrong with chocolate and caramel!

While the brownies are baking, I think I’ll take time out for a glass of wine.  It is after 5!

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Looking Back & Ahead

First, thank you for all of your well wishes in response to my last post.  They have great healing power.

Valentine tableIt just dawned on me that Valentine’s is a few days away.  To escape the crowds and avoid the hassle of finding a place to eat without a reservation, I started years ago making that a special evening at home for which the hubby is most grateful.

tablescapeThis year that won’t happen as I’m not quite ready for kitchen duty, but let’s take a look back at tables that helped make the Valentine meal special.

tablescapeMost years we’ve eaten at what we call the big table.  After all, it is a special evening.

tablescapeSometimes the table has a touch of elegance, 

tablescapeand Valentine’s is a perfect time to bring out those pieces  associated with people I love.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMore often than not the table is playful with those mixed patterns and colors I so like.

Valentine tableOn those February evenings when the weather is spring like and dove songs fill the air, we take advantage and eat on the screen porch, always a treat.

tablescapeNo matter where we eat or how the table is set, flowers help make it special

Valentine rosesand none are more special than the bouquet I get each year from the hubby.

No, there won’t be a dinner at home or a special table this year, but looking ahead to next week I have other plans that will give the hubby a night off from bringing me the evening meal.  Shhhh, don’t tell!

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Valentine’s….My Story

Valentine’s is not a day when I get diamonds, furs or even candy. 

Valentine rosesMost years I do get roses. They generally come like this which has always made me smile.  I mean it takes a little creative thought to come up with something that excuses the hubby  from buying  flowers and likely greatly reduces his stress level!

As for dinner, the first couple of years we were married, the hubby would come in on Valentine’s and suggest we go out to eat.  Good idea except that without reservations, we’d end up driving around for a couple of hours finding no place other than a fast food one that could seat us.  It didn’t take too much of that to make me decide we’d be better off having dinner at home.

Valentine tableAt some point, I bought these heart shaped pieces on sale at Williams-Sonoma, and they’ve become part of the Valentine tradition.

Valentine tableWhite plates, red napkins and favorite textured pink goblets seemed the right accompaniment this time around.

Valentine tableAdd a few flowers to the mix….done!

Well, maybe not.  Something about the table didn’t seem quite right.  Even though the hearts look fine on the white plates, the setting was lacking, so it was back to the cabinets to see what options were there.

Valentine tableAh this is a little better.  Fiestaware seems to work with most anything and helps create a joyful table.

Valentine tableEven with the added color, I was still fretting over the middle of the table, maybe because there wasn’t enough height.

Valentine tableProblem solved with a bottle of champagne and a couple of flutes.

Valentine tableWith the table set, it’s off to the kitchen to browse cookbooks in an effort to find a new way to prepare veal chops which are always on the menu for Valentine’s.

Oops, you won’t believe this, but the hubby just came in and asked if I would like to go to dinner tomorrow night.  He even has reservations!  Shhh, don’t say anything about those veal chops.  They’ll go right into the freezer and keep for another night and, hopefully, make him feel special for no reason.

So, what are your plans for Valentine’s?

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How Special is This!

My definition of a special friend is one who invites you for dinner on Valentine’s, which I can assure you is a great relief to the hubby, doesn’t have you bring any part of the meal and sets a beautiful table.

Every detail is perfect from the white linen placemats to the candlewick and thumbprint plates, which are just the right touch for Valentine’s,

to the etched stemware, which you can never have too much of to suit me.

A touch of whimsy is in the gaily colored heart shaped boxes,

the colors of which are picked up in the flowers and the candies strewn on the table.

Even the colors in the dining room were perfect for the occasion, and the effort that went into the evening made me feel special and appreciative of a very good friend.

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