Sunday Wanderings

IMG_9632Usually Sunday Wanderings have no specific destination, but this day I wanted to find an old antique shop  where several years ago I had seen a wonderful quilt made entirely from woven labels and insignias from World War II.  I wanted to own that quilt, but the elderly lady who made it said it was not for sale. For some reason that piece has stuck in my mind and I was curious as know if it was still there.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI found the shop and was disappointed to see that it looked like it had been abandoned for some time.  I guess the story of the quilt, as well as the woman who made it, will remain a mystery.

Liberty ToolDisappointment was not going to stop my wandering, and I ventured on until I came upon Liberty Tool.

Liberty ToolTalk about a place to browse!  Here was some of everything.

Liberty ToolThere were more old tools than you can imagineMaine 2009 43as well as jars and jars of screws, nails and hinges.  To my astonishment, men were going through them looking for just  the one that could be used for some miscellaneous repair.

Liberty ToolThere were kitchen utensils I’d never seen the likes of, and I thought of several people who would do some wonderful arrangement with them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere was an old loom scattered on the floor. From the looks of it, it was beyond repair.  I couldn’t help but wonder how long ago it was last used, and imagining how difficult it was to operate made me appreciate my very sophisticated setup.

Maine 2009 44Two floors of the old building were filled with everything you can imagine, and all of it was meticulously organized.  When I asked about bottles, there was no hesitation about where to send me.

Who knows when I’ll go back to Liberty Tool, but finding it while out wandering was a delightful surprise.

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