Garden Beauty

sep-cruise_080908_1497Folks in Maine like their gardens, and from early summer through mid fall the landscape is dotted with color that my daughter describes as brave and outspoken.  Sometime during this period I enjoy going to Northeast Harbor to visit Asticou Azalea Garden.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s a treat to begin the adventure with lunch at the historic Asticou Hotel.

img_7377No lunch there would be complete without a popover, a trademark here and at the Jordan Pond restaurant in nearby Acadia National Park.

img_7360Lunch over, it’s a few steps to the garden which is as peaceful as the sign suggests it should be.

img_7359This time of year there are no azalea or rhododendron blooms. Rather there are layers of calming green textures and the beginning of fall color.

img_7364Listening in the quiet, I could hear the soft trickle of water passing beneath the lily pads, a few of which still wore their flower.

img_7361This day there was a light blanket of fog which created an air of mystery and contributed to the garden’s tranquility.  On a sun filled day, there is an entirely different energy here.

img_7369Other than a half dozen people the only visitor was a bee sipping nectar from one of the few remaining flowers.

img_7373Moving through this beautiful garden was like a walking meditation and for a few moments it was possible to just be.  That’s a special gift.

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Wow Us Wednesday

Inner Peace, Words

Beauty of Words

MW 1A man born blind can easily deny the magnificence of a vast landscape.

He can easily deny all the wonders that he cannot touch, smell, taste, or hear.

But one day the wind will show its kindness and remove the tiny patches that cover your eyes, and you will see God more clearly than you have ever seen yourself.

Meister Eckhart

I hope today you experience all that your senses allow.

Inner Peace

A Really Good Friday

St Paul'sFriday is not a day a protestant typically goes to church, but in the tradition of the Christian religion, Good Friday is a special day of remembering.

St. Paul'sI love going to church on this day, not only because of the message but because the windows are open letting in the sounds of the city.  Bird songs filter in as do the sounds of traffic passing and construction going on outside this midtown location.  Together all the sounds make everything seem more real.

St. Paul'sThe organ is silent, yet beautiful  choir voices fill the sanctuary, 

St. Paul'sand chandeliers are dimmed to enhance the drama of the service as well as to allow natural light to filter in.

St. Paul'sIn a moment of silence, the bells peal from on high and make my heart go quiet.

Rothko ChapelAfter the service, I had an urge to go to the Rothko Chapel.  While it is one of Houston’s must see places because of the 14 panels of dark hued Rothko paintings hanging there, it is also a peaceful environment for quiet meditation.  There one can think undisturbed and be aware of how important loving one another, peace and social justice are today.  Isn’t that what Jesus was about?

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Show and Tell Saturday

Inner Peace, Random

Reassuring Words

The last turkey sandwich has been eaten, visiting relatives have returned home, Thanksgiving goes into the memory bank.  Right behind it is the craziness of Christmas, only 23 days away.  Those 23 days will be filled with decorating and parties and food and shopping and present wrapping.  While there is much joy to the season, it can also be stressful and sometimes a little sad as we think about people who are no longer with us or family members who will be celebrating the holidays away from home.

As I was thinking about the days ahead and hoping to keep them in perspective, I came across these words saved and then forgotten in the bottom of my purse.    

I believe in the sun, even when it is not shining.

I believe in love, even when feeling it not.

I believe in God, even when God is silent.

Somehow they gave me comfort and reassured me that no day is one we cannot get through.  I hope the same is true for you no matter how you spend the next 23 days.

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Taking It All In

Sometimes we are in such a hurry we fail to pay attention to all that is around us.  Realizing that we never know what tomorrow brings, I want to take it all in, hold on to it and appreciate the wonder that is everywhere.

foggy morningSometimes it’s stopping  on a foggy morning to appreciate the window boxes planted on an old barn.  There are no houses around, and I can’t help but wonder who makes the effort.

dahliaThis time of year dahlias are in full glory, and I want to acknowledge each waxy petal.

butterflyI pay special attention to the butterfly that is soon to head south, perhaps making its final journey.

Perry CreekI don’t want to miss the magic of a full moon shining on the water

gardenor the fading summer beauty of a neighbor’s garden.

fall leavesI salute the first red leaves on the tree outside the door knowing they are symbols of the season just around the corner.

Yes, I want to take it all in because who knows what tomorrow brings.

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A Favorite Thing

Inner Peace

Quiet Beauty

There are beautiful cathedrals all over the world that people flock to by the thousands.

St. PaulsI doubt that St. Paul’s in Houston is on many people’s must see list, but to me it is as lovely as any cathedral anywhere.

St. PaulsBy today’s standards it is an old building as it was constructed nearly 100 years ago thanks to the generosity of some of Houston’s then leading citizens.  The craftsmanship would be hard to duplicate and if it were possible it would be at great expense.

St. PaulsThe bell tower has real bells operated by real people, and on Sunday mornings their sound fills the air.

St. PaulsBecause of its architectural significance and beauty, St. Paul’s has been named a historical landmark, hopefully meaning it will be here for years to come.

St. PaulsInside is a quiet elegance reflective of the neo-Gothic style.  

St. PaulsThere are no gilded columns or ornate statues, just beautiful stained glass windows through which the sun shines and, when they are open, allow bird sounds  to fill the sanctuary.

St. PaulsI am glad the doors here are always open because it offers a quiet refuge.

St. PaulsWhen the world is crazy around me, I sometimes like to go and sit in the empty building and wonder why the voice of evil is sometimes so much louder than the voice of love or why tragedy strikes so unexpectedly.  Those questions have been hard to answer this week.

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Seasonal Sundays

Inner Peace

Food for Thought

Mornings start slowly for me. I wake early, make a cappuccino and read or think or sit quietly until I’m ready to move into what will generally be nonstop until dinner. Sometimes words, like these from Anthony de Mello, help start my day and make me aware of what is important.

flowerCompare the serene and simple splendor of a rose in bloom with the tensions and restlessness of your life. The rose has a gift that you lack. It is perfectly content to be itself. It has not been programmed from birth, as you have been, to be dissatisfied with itself, so it has not the slightest urge to be anything other than it is.

I hope you find contentment in being yourself today and every day. I’m working on it, too.

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