A Flurry of Energy

After years of things piling up in his study, the hubby got bit by a flurry of energy.  For two days he went through every drawer and shelf carefully sorting the necessary from the unnecessary.  Five garbage bags later he was done, and his space is so organized it’s barely recognizable!

His energy was contagious and inspired me to attack the screen porch which this time of year is pollen laden.  I gathered broom, mop and bucket and set to work sneezing my way through the cleaning process.

Some time ago, an old table and chairs was replaced with a new set.  While the black was OK with the other furniture, it struck me that it all might look better the same color, so off to Home Depot for some black spray paint.

With the porch all clean, the furniture painted and back in place, and the hubby’s study all sparkling clean it was cause for celebration!

Luckily, it was one of those Houston evenings perfect for a simple dinner on the porch.  Simple because we were worn out by our efforts!

Simple also describes the table set with hand made pottery consistent in color but with funky shapes and pattern that make each piece unique.

The glasses, too, are offbeat with indentions at just the right spots for fingers and thumb.  I always wonder if that was intentional or a happy accident.

The napkins were an unconscious choice, but when I put them on the table I had a flashback.   They and matching placemats were an early project on my first floor loom. That means they go back about 30 years and they haven’t faded one bit despite many washings.  I can’t say the same for my store bought napkins!

Surrounded by nothing but bird song, gentle breeze and the sound of water trickling from the fountain, our tired bodies enjoyed a relaxed evening on the porch patting ourselves on the back for our flurry of energy.  Now we’ll see how long we maintain such order!


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A Dream Come True

screen porchWhen we talked of the house we would eventually build, I dreamed about having a screen porch,

screen porcha place where I could begin my day with a cappuccino  and a good book. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI dreamed of sitting there, taking in nature’s  miracles  and listening to bird sounds.

screen porchI thought of having a friend come over for an afternoon break

screen porchand how the hubby and I could share a glass of wine as we planned a special trip.

table setting/screen porchI imagined lovely evenings and a simple dinner on the porch.

Yes, those were the dreams.  The hubby wasn’t too keen on the idea saying the times we would use the porch wouldn’t justify the additional building expense.  Luckily, the architect though it a great idea and gradually we brought the hubby around to our way of thinking.  Whether or not we’ve justified the cost is now a moot point, but what I do know is that the dream was worth dreaming, and I love those minutes/hours on the porch.  The only down side is this time of year when the yellow pollen blows through the screen making it a challenge to keep the porch clean.

screen porchLuckily the pollen season only lasts a short time, and I am left with  a wonderful place to read and write blogs with the morning sun shining on my face.  Tell me, do you have a favorite spot in your home?

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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