On the River

Seven days on the Danube River from Budapest to Nuremberg on the Scenic Amber was all we hoped it would be.

b51aaa22-b43a-4ce2-bb9a-e2f0b11ad1ab.jpegThe ship was a most comfortable way to travel with good food and friendly service.

Without getting off the boat there was much to see that gave glimpses of the life existing along the Danube.

I would never have guessed there were so many vineyards in Austria, some planted so high and steep as to appear unreachable.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was entertaining to watch the activity on the water

and along the river’s edge where many people had little get away cottages.

As tranquil and beautiful as cruising was, there were lovely places off the boat.


Budapest and Vienna were, as expected, impressive with their beautiful architecture and interesting history.


Most appealing, however, were the small medieval towns that were less crowded and had such history.

The Benedictine monastery in Melk was not only beautiful but fascinating.  Thanks to the money earned from its thousands of visitors, the monks are able to keep the monastery and its grounds in pristine condition. RegensbergThough a little larger than some of the others, Regensburg had a special charm with its varied architecture and color.  

It was hard to get enough of this place.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll the stops on the Danube had their own story, none more so than Nuremberg where Hitler held his biggest rallies on this site.  It is a grim reminder of a period that will never be forgotten.

That dark spot in its history does not mar the positives of this thriving city known especially for its Christmas Market.

This post is only a glimpse into what a river cruise has to offer.  There’s a lot to take in, but if that gets to be too much, one can choose to stay on the ship and enjoy the river scenes.  That’s equally as special.

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