Some Things Aren’t Planned

ProvenceSome years ago, a daughter and I had one of those impulsive moments when we decided there was no better time to go to Provence than a couple of days later.  Excuse for such a whim was the need to exchange a pair of shoes which had been purchased months before.  Good enough, right?

As luck would have it, rather than the moderate winter weather we expected, it turned bitter cold and started snowing.  The result was like what happens in Houston when a few snowflakes fall. Traffic came to a screeching halt, 18 wheelers where slipping and sliding all over the road and what should have been a 45 minute drive was turning into an all day trip filled with tension.

As we inched along, I spied a sign reading FAIENCE with an arrow pointing to a nearby building.  That was all it took to get me off the road as at that point any diversion would be a welcome relief.

Of course, the shop was closed thanks to the inclement weather, but spying two desperate looking women parked in his driveway, the owner took pity and came out of his warm home to open his very cold workshop.

Oh, how the day did brighten as we wandered among his colorful and unique creations.

Whether out of gratitude or because I really liked his work I came away with four dinner plates and four salad plates no two of which were alike.  Not until we were underway again did I think about the challenge of getting them home without breakage.  So it is that every time the table is set with these dishes, each of which is undamaged, memories come flooding back of an impromptu adventure that had more than a few surprises.  

Oh, did we exchange the shoes? Let’s put it this way…..we tried!

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The Real Thing

French country has been  a popular decorating style for a number of years now.  With its understated simplicity and warmth it is easy to live with and can be interpreted in many ways.  When I think of the real thing, however, I return to this wonderful house in Provence which we called home for a month.

Provence houseFrom the minute I saw the stone house perfectly nestled into the landscape, I was in love.

Provence houseNothing could have been more perfect than the interior, not fancy, just quirky and artistic.

Provence houseEverywhere were fun touches like the old sled used as a coffee table.

Provence houseColor and texture, two of my favorite elements, were in every room.

Provence housePlaster walls washed with warm tints 

Provence houseand rustic board ceilings worked their magic.

Provence houseNo fancy bathroom but even that was part of the home’s charm and was ample enough.

Provence houseSpring in Provence is full of sunlit days, the kind that make you want to be outside enjoying their warmth with a glass of wine and entertaining company.  Yes, that is the real thing!

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Colors of Provence

There are many reasons French country decor is so popular, and a very pleasing color palette is likely one.    

ProvenceColors range from the subtle blues

Provenceto the more vibrant like the natural ones found in Roussillon

Provenceor blooming in gardens.

ProvenceWhile many exteriors are of stone,

Provencethere is the occasional one that is the color of sunshine

Provenceor clay.

ProvenceNo matter the color or texture, you can bet there will be doors and shutters that reflect the character of Provence.  It is that unrefined look that defines French country decor and that many work so hard to recreate.


In Provence, it is not unusual to see interiors with interesting uses of color.

ProvencePlaster walls may be washed with grayed tones that give the feeling of walking into a painting and provide pleasing backdrops for neutral furnishings.

ProvenceWhile color is part of the appeal of Provencal style, so is its casualness making it a livable choice for homes where life is meant to be enjoyed.

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