Shadow Play

WordPress bloggers have been issued a challenge to post a selfie.  Selfie, where did that word come from and when did it become such a much used one in our vocabulary?  There’s no question about what it means because everywhere you go, you see people, like on the opening ceremony for the Olympics, snapping their own photo with their phones.   Generally, when I see someone doing that I offer to take the picture for them because my experience with selfies is that they aren’t very flattering.  Arms just aren’t long enough to take a self portrait!

sellfieHaving said all that, I have taken some selfies or rather had fun with shadow play.

selfieSnapping my shadow wasn’t intentional,

selfiebut when I turned around and saw it so clearly defined, I thought why not be my own subject.   It was fun as well as a great opportunity to play around with camera settings.

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The Making of Seaglass Cottage

At the time we bought our Maine house, there were two of us, two daughters, one son-in-law and an infant granddaughter.  There was a place for everyone, but it wasn’t too long before the hubby and I realized we’d soon need more room or at least another bedroom.  So began Seaglass Cottage.

Seaglass CottageA stone wall wraps around the garden area, and we wanted the cottage to look as if it were part of the wall.  Also, we wanted it to be as invisible as possible from the street making it a very special retreat. 

Seaglass CottageThanks to a very talented architect, we got just what we wanted.

Seaglass CottageWhen no one is visiting, I enjoy going down to the cottage to sit quietly, read or take in the sights on Rockport Harbor.  

Seaglass CottageSometimes kayakers drift by adding color to the surroundings which look so different from this vantage point.

Seaglass CottageWant to peek inside?  Come on in.

Seaglass CottageIt’s a simple space…concrete floors, exposed rough hewn beams, a mantle made from one of the 2×12’s I found during the construction process.

Seaglass CottageIt was fun collaborating with a Houston artisan to come up with a creative fireplace surround and countertop for the bathroom.  He made both from stainless steel and polished it to look like a pewter finish.  If the surface streaks or scratches, it can be buffed out.  So far, no maintenance has been required.

Seaglass Cottage.I bought yards of white material on sale and made a duvet cover and pillow shams.  The quilt is a Texas star made many years ago by my grandmother and great aunt.  I have about 15 of their creations, and I’m so happy to have a place to use some of them.The cottage also proved to be the perfect place for a collection of photographs I bought when we first started coming to Maine more than 20 years ago.  They have now come full circle.

Seaglass CottageMy favorite piece of art in the cottage hangs over the fireplace.  It is one of my daughter’s multi media paintings, and I am so glad it didn’t fit into the car when she returned to Houston from Boston!

Seaglass CottageFurnishings in this space are minimalist: a bed, a bureau, a small TV and this wonderful rocking chair I found in an antique shop in the south of Maine.  I had thought to paint it, but you know, I like it just the way it is.

As you might guess from what you see, my taste is quite eclectic.  There are just so many things to like that I have a hard time resisting what catches my eye.  In any case the cottage is quite comfortable, and what I know for sure is that guests linger there for a very long time!

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