Weekly Photo Challenge

Out of the Fog

L 'HermioneHermione is a replica of a frigate that ferried General LaFayette to the United States so that he could rejoin the Americans in their battle to gain freedom from the English.

l'hermione/fogSailing along the coast of Maine she appeared as a ghost ship coming out of the fog.

l'hermioneSeen she was an impressive vessel with sails unfurled

l'hermioneand cannons firing as she came into port.


Weekly Photo Challenge

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Tour Guide

BrimstoneNo place has ever captured my heart like the coast of Maine where exploring the islands is an ongoing treat.

Indian IslandNo matter how many times I see the same sight, it never fails to thrill me.

islandWith more than 3000 islands off the coast, there is no shortage of ones to explore.

Maine islandA few of the uninhabited ones are protected by individuals or organizations desiring to keep their natural beauty.

Eagle IslandRoughly 14 islands boast a year round population, seldom more than a few dozen though that number may increase dramatically come summer and the return of folks who enjoy a different lifestyle.

Maybe you’d like to find out for yourself what the coast of Maine is all about.

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Weekly Photo Challenge