I enjoy photo challenges.  They make you think about what you’ve seen and how, without thinking, you may have captured images that interpret the challenge.

Iceland/waterfallSPRAY….immediately I thought of waterfalls and geysers in Iceland.

Iceland/waterfallThere are so many, 

Iceland/waterfallmajestic, spraying rainbows into the air.

Iceland/waterfallTalk about spray, stand behind a waterfall and feel its wet cold.

Iceland/geyserFor a different spray, there are geysers

Iceland/geysererupting one after another sending hot spray in all directions.  That is not one you want to be near.

That waterfalls and geysers are there, powerful in their beauty, is another of those miracles that sets my heart racing.


A Word a Week Photo Challenge: Spray

Shadow Play

WordPress bloggers have been issued a challenge to post a selfie.  Selfie, where did that word come from and when did it become such a much used one in our vocabulary?  There’s no question about what it means because everywhere you go, you see people, like on the opening ceremony for the Olympics, snapping their own photo with their phones.   Generally, when I see someone doing that I offer to take the picture for them because my experience with selfies is that they aren’t very flattering.  Arms just aren’t long enough to take a self portrait!

sellfieHaving said all that, I have taken some selfies or rather had fun with shadow play.

selfieSnapping my shadow wasn’t intentional,

selfiebut when I turned around and saw it so clearly defined, I thought why not be my own subject.   It was fun as well as a great opportunity to play around with camera settings.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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