Chaos and Disorder

Who can work in this mess!

With all the comings and goings of the summer and trying to get a little work done in the time not caring for my mother or helping with babies , my studio became an even bigger mess than usual.  If I’m really going to spend more time here in the next few weeks, there’s got to be some order,  starting with the sewing room.

Who knew that it would take the better part of three days to sort through years of accumulation, throw away and reorganize.  Any of you who have a designated work space know how difficult that can be.

There were mountains of fabric to sort through and stacks of patterns.  Did I really buy all these patterns, most of which have never been opened? Maybe I never had any intention of using them but found some inspiration for a just right detail for a handwoven garment.  In any case most of them went into the bag designated for The Women’s Home resale shop.

Taking everything off the shelves was the easy part.  Putting it back on was more challenging.  Deciding that I wanted the shelves to be more orderly I went to Target and found gaily colored baskets to hold the odds and ends that were part of the disorder.

Three bags of trash later, everything is in its place, the room is vacuumed and dusted, and I can hardly bear to think about messing it up.

There’s still more here  than can be used in a life time, but I’m ready to get started making a dent.  You’ll have to come back to see what happens next.

By the way, if you have helpful hints about how to keep a work space organized, I’d love to hear them.

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