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A Beautiful, Beautiful Bay

There are many reasons I enjoy time in Maine.  Primarily, it’s the natural beauty of the coast, especially as seen from the water which is my happy place.

Penobscot Bay is our cruising ground, and it is one of the most perfect boating places on either coast. I like nothing better than setting out in the early morning when the sea is calm and the sky a brilliant blue.

winter/lobster boatsExcept for an occasional lobster boat that left its mooring long before us, it is not surprising for there to be no other boats around early in the day.

Out in the bay, there are islands, hundreds of them created thousands of years ago by volcanic action.

islandMost are uninhabited, covered with spruce. Looking at them, I am reminded of the Tlingit stories having to do with regrowth that were heard recently in Alaska. How is it that nature can recreate without help from man?

Here and there a building is spotted, giving indication of life there now or in an earlier time.

Pumpkin Island lighthouse

Many of the islands have lighthouses, some still active but most not.  I always try to imagine the life of the lighthouse keeper whose job it was to keep boaters safe.

Some islands are connected to the mainland by a bridge.  This recently constructed one goes to Deer Isle where the much visited Acadia National Park is located.

Heading north from Rockport Harbor, islands are not all we see. High above Camden are the rolling hills which is why Camden is described as Where the Mountains Meet the Sea. What a wonderful combination!

Pipe DreamsAs we go along, I study the charts which identify the islands and make notes about islands that may hold possibility for picnics and new discoveries.

Moon over Penobscot 2 - Version 2Yes, Penobscot Bay is a beautiful, beautiful bay, Spruce covered headlands jut boldly from its shores, jewel like islands float on its surface and the gentle, glacier rounded contours of the Camden Hills look down on its broad reaches. 

Louise Dickinson Rich, Coast of Maine.

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Come Along to Common Ground

Maine has a population of slightly more than 1,000,000, and one weekend each year it seems that most are in Unity for Common Ground, an event celebrating those who work the land and create with their hands.  On a beautiful fall day, it’s a great place to be so come along and join the fun.

Common Ground is a great place to stock up on locally grown produce

or Maine made products ranging from syrup to natural medications.

One of the things that characterizes Maine is the many people who work with their hands, and Common Ground is a great showcase for their work.

 Want something with a touch of whimsy?  Find it here.

If you are drawn to color and texture, the fiber tent is the place for you.  Here you’ll find handspun and dyed materials for kniting, weaving, felting

and rug hooking. Doesn’t it make your heart sing to see that the desire to keep old traditions alive still exists?

Hungry?  You’ll find an abundance of food vendors. What makes Common Ground foodstuffs different from most fairs is that all is made of natural products.  No overload of grease and sugar here!

In addition to visiting the numerous vendors, you can choose from many exhibits featuring farm animals.

If you can get close enough, you will be fascinated by the demonstrations of border collies herding sheep, goats and even ducks!  The intellect of these dogs is absolutely amazing!

So much to see wears a body out making time out an absolute must so get a bite to eat and take in all the activity

or maybe find a quiet place and catch up on your reading.  However you choose to enjoy Common Ground will be just right!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

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