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What To Do?

There comes a time when one has to think about what to do next as it applies to housing.  So many things influence that decision particularly health, lifestyle, empty nest.  The hubby and I are thinking we may be at that point now, but making a decision involving change is not easy.

We live in a house we love.  It is one that we dreamed about for years before finally building, and it is pretty near perfect except for the fact that we no longer need all the space.  Our daughters are gone, I’m not working in my studio as much which means the entire second floor goes unused except for those few days a year when a relative visits.

In addition, we spend half the year in Maine where we are fortunate to have another house.  Thanks to having frequent guests, its space is much more utilized, but it is not a forever home.

So, what do we do?  It makes sense in Houston to downsize.  To that end we’ve looked at so called luxury apartments thinking it makes sense to rent rather than buy.

We’ve looked at condos that reach high into the sky and open to either lovely views of Houston or rooftops with mechanical equipment and parking.

We’ve checked out midrises that seem a bit more intimate than the multistoried condos and apartments.

We’ve visited some lovely townhome developments, but a townhome doesn’t satisfy our desire to have a lock and leave place.

So, what’s a couple who’s happy in place but realizing it may no longer make sense do?  Do any of the rest of you face this conundrum and how have you addressed it? Right now I’m feeling like Scarlet O’Hara whose approach to a hard decision was often to think about it tomorrow.

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Cuba: Getting Around


My travel in Cuba was on a big ole bus, but that was sure not the case for Cubans whose modes of travel were throwbacks to another era.  This was just one more area where I was struck by the differences between neighbors who are only 90 miles apart.

CubaMany people rode bicycles, some with tires so worn and flat I wondered how they rolled at all.  Then I remembered that on the flight from Miami to Cuba  many people checked bicycle tires.  That was now beginning to make sense!

CubaPedicabs were much used in the towns

Cubaas were packed buses, most rusted with age and rumbling along as if on their last legs.

CubaHere and there was a car, again old but not so shiny as in Havana, that appeared to be held together with baling wire and duct tape.

CubaOn the highways, it was not uncommon to see a truck loaded with people who had hitched rides.  Hitchhiking, we were told, was a much used and safe means for getting around.

CubaOut in the countryside, travel was even more primitive with people traveling in horse pulled wagons

Cubaor on horseback.

Again and again I found myself wondering how it would be to live without all the conveniences I have, but my answer was always the same.  If that’s all I knew, it wouldn’t seem different, it would just be the way of life.

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