Collecting Memories

IMG_1778 (1)It’s that time of year when boating is all but over. Pipe Dreams is put away for the season leaving only the kayak for a last outing. No matter how many times I paddle Rockport Harbor it’s always different. This time I want to take it all in as what I see will be stored in my head as memories for winter.

IMG_1865The tide is low which fully exposes the seaweed attached to the rocks. Its texture reminds me of a witch’s hair, appropriate, I guess, as it’s that time of year.

IMG_1870Until I spotted some movement, I completely missed the ducks marching across the rocks. What a perfect blend!

IMG_1726Sailboats line the mouth of the harbor waiting their turn to be hauled out and stored until next season. All of these boats are familiar as they’ve passed by my windows many times during the summer.

DSC01516The schooner Heron is heading out to Penobscot Bay with a full load of passengers. She, too, will soon be gone as she goes south for the winter.

lobster boats/Rockport HarborAll the lobster boats are in for the day.

IMG_1759The last one has just unloaded its haul and the truck is ready to pull away with its bounty. Boy, I’ll miss that easy access to lobster!

IMG_1914Now on the other side of the harbor it makes me smile to see people enjoying a beautiful afternoon. With cold weather coming, folks take advantage of every opportunity to be outside beneath a warm sun.

DSC00018 (1)Passing this boat reminds me of fun summer dinners and afternoon of mahjong.  Talk about a great place to have people gather!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m not the only one out taking advantage of sunshine and blue sky. There are other kayakers,

IMG_1919a paddle boarder braving the cooling water

IMG_1794and someone capturing her own images of this beautiful place.

IMG_1773As I turn and head home, I pass a loon which is a most unusual sight on the harbor as loons tend to be more common around fresh water. I wonder if this evening we will hear its mournful calls or if it will have found its way back to more familiar environs.

IMG_1812I see home drawing near, and I think one more time how lucky I am to spend time in this wonderful place. I am happy to have you share it with me.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

On a Summer Sunday

Sometimes I like to walk, camera in hand, and capture what is around me.

The first thing I noticed is a once again empty bird feeder.  I have marveled at how much seed birds consume in a short period, but today I think I found the real answer. This little guy’s full cheeks are a dead give away!

I don’t have to venture farther than Rockport Harbor to find a story to tell.  There’s always activity there. 

At the mouth of the harbor is a dock where today lots of people are fishing.  I see swirls in the water indicating fish are there, but I haven’t seen anyone bring one in.  I’m not even sure what it is folks are hoping to catch, mackerel maybe.

Because it is a beautiful day, some people do no more than sit and dangle their feet in the water

while others just enjoy being out and taking it all in.  When I asked this fella if I could take his picture, he answered in the thickest Maine accent ever, “Yep, if you’re (youawh) not afraid of breakin’ the camera (camruh).”  He made my day!

For the most part, lobster boats are moored,

but a few stalwart lobstermen have been out early and returned with their haul.

As I stand looking down the harbor, I see a schooner leaving filled with people who for a couple of hours will thrill at being on the open water, seeing the coast in a way it can’t be observed ashore.

Not everyone is on a big boat.  Some dinghy in to shore

while others  explore the harbor in a kayak.

In the distance, I see Indian Island, a favorite destination for kayakers and the symbol for me of arriving home.

How I love this place on a Sunday or any other day.  I don’t have to go far to experience sights and sound that make my heart sing.  Tell me, what are you seeing on a summer Sunday?

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

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Seasonal Sundays

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Any Sunday is a perfect time for

taking a walk

running on the dirt road


playing on the rocks


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If I’m going to do all these favorite things, I better get moving.

What are you doing on this seasonal Sunday?

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