Festive Holiday Tables

It’s a fun time of year to visit stores to see what’s new for festive holiday tables.  Of course, that always makes me wish for new things which I’ve sworn off of, but that doesn’t mean the displays aren’t full of good ideas.  There were plenty in the lovely tables set at Crate & Barrel.

  Wood chargers are popular choices these days and work with a variety of looks.

Here they are combined  with other natural elements, real or not.  And take a look at the knitted table runner, a real eye catcher that made the table appear even more warm and cozy.  How I wish I were a competent knitter, but that not being the case I’ll be keeping an eye on the after Christmas sale!

Touches of whimsey are such fun.  How simple to add something like this cute little critter and make a table oh so playful.

Putting a little take away happy at each place is a great idea, no matter the time of year, for when friends are coming to dinner.  

There are so many different ways to create a festive table.  A little sparkle and shine dresses up any table whether it be by adding a glimmery napkin

or glistening tableware and sparkling accessories.

What every table had in common was multiple textures

and a centerpiece that allowed everyone to see and be seen.  As I studied each one and came away with some great ideas, it dawned on me that there are no rules for tablescaping. That’s what makes it such a wonderful opportunity to express one’s creative flair.

Have fun as you do your own festive table and don’t be shy about getting inspiration from other sources!

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Tablescape Thursday

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Once, Twice, Then Twice More

Holidays are for entertaining, and for me that means not reinventing the wheel for every occasion.  Knowing there would be several events here during December, it made sense to have a centerpiece that would work with whatever was going on on the table.


This year much of my holiday decor focuses on trees, so it was a no brainer to repeat them on the dining room table.  These holly trees are my most favorite and while they are great stand alone pieces, I added a collection of finials for a bit of shine.  With nothing more than this, the table is ready to be filled with finger foods for an upcoming meeting.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToo,  several casual meals for family and friends are planned during the month, and for each the table will take on a different look.  A brunch will feature Spode Christmas dishes set on a matching placemat that I happened to spot at TJ Maxx.  Though I swore not to buy anything new, how could I leave such a perfect accessory behind!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlways a table  with the Spode pieces comes together very quickly and invites adding fun complements like the candy striped flatware that gets used again and again during December.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor a dinner with friends, the Bella Ceramica pottery is featured.  While some things stay the same, different napkins and chargers give the table a whole new look.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor Christmas dinner, the setting  is a tribute to my mother whose china and Fostoria grace the table.  I am so glad to have these remembrances of her.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor seated meals, there is one change to the centerpiece.  The tallest tree is removed and replaced with a slender finial so that no one has to crane their neck to look at a person sitting opposite.

So, there you have it, four occasions satisfied with a single centerpiece. Thinking ahead about how your table will be used during the holidays and finding a common thread makes the rest quite easy plus it saves considerable time.  The bonus is that when the table is not set, it still looks attractive.


Tablescape Thursday

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Just Looking!

This week I braved the maddening crowds to do some last Christmas shopping.  It so happens that the places I had to go are close to some of my favorite stores–Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Pier One, Williams Sonoma–and I couldn’t resist going in to see what fun things were there for holiday tables.

2606684_1At Pier One,  wooden chargers in an off green immediately caught my eye as they would work with most any Christmas dishes.

tablescapeI’m always attracted to things a little different, so when I saw this pottery (Fa La La) at Crate & Barrel my mind started racing thinking about what a fun Christmas table could be created with them.  Not only are they perfect for the wooden chargers, they are dishes that could be used any season.

tablescapeBack to thinking Christmas, who could resist these adorable stockings for flatware?

tablescapeHolly berry linens are perfect for the season,

tablescapebut the Santa napkins are a little more playful.

tablescapeFor a more subtle look, these would be OK, too.

tablescapeI’m crazy for touches that add a bit of whimsy, and these salad plates would do just that.  What dog lover wouldn’t get a kick out of them?

tablescapeThinking about creating a table with various pieces from Pier One and Crate & Barrel should have been enough, but there was more to see at Williams Sonoma where a lovely collection of pieces were combined for a sophisticated yet simple look.

tablescapePier One’s tartan plates would also be a nice complement for the transferware.

tablescapeLast but not least I spied side plates at Anthropologie.  It would be a stretch for them to work with the Crate & Barrel dishes, but they would be great fun with white, maybe some red bowls and the painted Santa napkins.  Oh, the spoon plate holder is pretty cute, too!

zinc-reindeerHey, they would do well with a few zinc reindeer, too.

Well, none of these things came home with me, but it sure was fun thinking about how to mix and match from here and there.  You can bet I’ll be watching the after Christmas sales  just in case some are looking for a home!

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Tablescape Thursday


Meeting the Challenge

Linda  069Oh, you say, this looks likes a Thanksgiving table.  Yes, it is, but I very much like the wood mixed with candles and pumpkins and thought with a few changes it would convert nicely to a Christmas table.

Christmas tableFor wood, mine is a candle mold, narrow but adequate enough to hold candles mixed with a variety of greenery and fun baubles.  Best of all, the centerpiece is one created with things I have on hand as I promised not to spend any money this year for new accessories.  I’m out of space to store another thing!

Christmas tableThe Christmas season wouldn’t be the same without pulling out the Spode china given to me oh so many years ago by Mother.  

Christmas tableIt is a most traditional pattern, but fun things can be added to bring it into a modern day setting. The flatware which I use again and again this time of year does just that.

Christmas tableAs much as I like napkin folding, this time napkins are held in holly berry napkin rings.  If you don’t use such things now, it’s a missed opportunity!

Christmas tableWith the addition of a green bowl from who knows where but perfect for a taste of the roasted butternut squash soup that will begin the meal and a popper for a little surprise, the setting is complete.

Christmas tableI appreciate the table that inspired this one to meet Cuisine Kathleen’s annual challenge to recreate a holiday table from an admired image.  Do check out the other clever and creative folks who have taken it on.

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Moving On!

No sooner do we get through Thanksgiving than we have to move right into the holidays with an entirely different decor.  I know some of you are already ahead of the game, but I just can’t get started with Christmas until we’ve polished off the turkey!

Christmas tree 1For our first holiday table, I decided to get a little crafty and wrap cones with diminishing lengths of fabric cut on the bias, sewn together and finished with decorative stitching.  All done they are funky little trees in not so traditional colors that are better suited to our Houston home.  On the table, they are going to nestle on open weave muslin mimicking the softness of fresh fallen snow, not something we are likely to have!

Christmas tablePlaying off the black in one of the fabrics,  I’m using chargers so dark green they appear almost black,

Christmas tablea nice contrast for white plates.

Christmastable2Now comes the fun part.  I found stems and salad plates at Pier One that are not only playful but have similar off tones of red and green.

Christmas tableCranberry napkins trimmed in gold are gathered into napkin rings that remind of presents and ornaments.  So far so good, and the setting is complete except for the flatware.  

Christmas table3Deciding on flatware was a bit of a challenge, but I couldn’t resist using this bought last year at Ross.  Yes, it is the more traditional red and green, but it blends and adds an unexpected touch that I always like on a table.

Christmas tree 2The combination of color and texture on the table is satisfactory, but something’s missing.  The center is kinda blah with nothing but the muslin beneath the trees, and I kept scratching my head wondering how to give it a little pop.  A forgotten bag of ornaments provided just the right answer.

Christmas tableAll done, the table, with a fanciful flair in keeping with its surroundings, is ready for the first dinner of the season. 

Modani tableIf it were possible to have the perfect table for every tablescape, this time I’d replace my glass topped one with the Philippe design from Modani, a very fun line of modern furniture.  The style is modern without being too sleek, and the deep black tone is a great background for the colors I have used. Too, the legs remind me of icicles hanging from eaves.  Hey, you have to have let your inner child run away when you are creating!

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