Farm Changes

Franklin farmThe reason the hubby and I make the long drive from Maine to Houston is to to stop in Franklin, Tennessee, where one of our daughters moved to a small farm 3 years ago.

FranklinEvery visit we see changes.  The  Katadin lambs that once grazed in the pasture are gone because they liked to jump up on people and as they grew larger that was not such a good thing.  Not only that they were nasty creatures whose fondness for the barn left it stinky and messy, and no one was crazy about cleaning up after them.

FranklinThere were lots of ducks, but who knew they would be so prolific.  Every hatching introduced 10-15 new ducklings.  Unfortunately, the ducks never left because they liked their lifestyle at the farm.  As a consequence, some ducks ended up on the dining table.

FranklinTurkeys became a bit of a problem as well.  The intent was to have them be a good food source, but there’s a small window of time when they are good to eat otherwise they get tough, really tough. So into the wild went the turkeys.

IMG_3404Still, there are chickens that roam freely

Franklinand keep the family in plenty of fresh eggs.  In fact, there are so many that the girls have made a little business of selling the extras.

FranklinBuddy and Bella, the big Anatolian shepherds, earn their keep by keeping predators off the property.  They’ve been the winner in a number of encounters!

FranklinIn the pasture, there is a new visitor who seems very content in her surroundings. She’s a boarder that gives just the right look to the farm.

FranklinThis visit I was touched to see this flower blooming.  Believe it or not, it propagated from a plant that belonged to my great grandmother which means it is well over 60 years old.  Just mentioning this flower leads to a whole other story, but I’ll save it for next time.

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In the Barnyard

FranklinA couple of years ago, one daughter and her family moved to a small farm in Franklin, Tennessee.  It is halfway between Rockport and Houston, so it’s a perfect overnight stop on the third night of travel

FranklinNow, I’m not sure I’m a farm girl, but it is fun to take in all the activity in the barnyard.    How all those two and four legged critters know when its feeding time is beyond me, but when they see the girls step inside the gate, a mad rush ensues.  What is really funny is that the different species hang with their own giving real meaning  to the saying “Birds of a feather flock together”.

FranklinThe same is true of the sheep.  They stay close to one another

Franklinand follow their shepherds wherever they go.


I couldn’t get enough of the sheep.  They are so affectionate with each other,

Franklinand their sweet faces would steal anyone’s heart.

FranklinI’m told we are having farm raised turkey for Thanksgiving,

Franklinand it looks to me like they may be hatching a plan to avoid the chopping block.

FranklinThey may have a hard time outrunning this gal

Franklinwhich means Thanksgiving dinner will be the one that doesn’t get away.

FranklinAll this activity is a bit much for Lucy who looks down on it from her high perch.

FranklinAs for Aslan, he’s on the outside looking in wanting to be part of the action.  With his energy that would cause total chaos!

FranklinIt’s tempting to linger to take in the natural beauty of the farm, but hit the road we must.  

FranklinAs we sneak down the stairs hoping to leave quietly, we find Super Daughter in the kitchen scrambling up some farm fresh eggs.  Now, that is a loving and delightful surprise.

FranklinSpeaking of eggs, the chickens are the girls’ responsibility.  Eggs are plentiful, and the girls have built a customer base for all the extras.  Pretty enterprising, wouldn’t you say?

Until next time through, that’s it for barnyard happenings.  There’s no telling what changes will occur there between now and then.

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P.S.  If you want to see more of Ten 10 Farm, visit here.


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Tranquility at its Best

Houston to Rockport, Maine, is a long drive, so we make quite an adventure out of the trip by stopping here and there to explore new places.  A daughter in Tennessee provided a very good excuse for meeting at Blackberry Farm in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

Smoky MountainsBlackberry Farm is one of those places that has been much written about, deservedly so as it is a spectacular location in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains where all thoughts of the outside world yield way to absolute delight.  It is tranquility at its very best.

Blackberry FarmLike to fly fish?  No problem.  There’s a stream where you can cast your rod and maybe even be lucky enough to catch a trout.

Blackberry FarmIf you arrive without proper gear, it’s there waiting for you.

Blackberry Farm

One of my favorite spots  is the boathouse where you can just sit quietly on the deck, enjoy a picnic lunch

Blackberry Farmor take to canoeing.  I must confess to failing to get the hubby to serenade me under the moonlight!

Blackberry FarmBlackberry FarmBlackberry FarmBlackberry FarmTaking a stroll through the property, there’s no telling what you might see.  It could be sheep in the meadow or chickens and turkeys strutting around or geese taking their young ones for a first swim.  Though the animals are an attraction, they also provide much of the foodstuffs that are served at the inn.

Blackberry FarmMy favorite animal?  I fell in love with Lagotto Romagnolos, otherwise known as truffle dogs, an Italian breed that was the first water dog.  I would have loved to take one with me, but they are quite expensive.

Blackberry FarmThere are miles of trails to walk, and always there is something interesting to see.  Maybe it’s the pastoral view of horses grazing in white fenced pastures

Blackberry Farmor a lovely little chapel nestled among the trees.

Blackberry FarmI love the moss covered wood fences that line the road,

Blackberry Farm

the farm buildings

Blackberry Farmand quiet retreats.

Blackberry FarmBest of all is returning to our cottage porch after a most fun day and feeling at peace with the world.

Yes, there is much to like at Blackberry Farm, and I am saving the rest for a later post.

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Leaving the City Behind

HoustonCome April, Houston folks leave snarled traffic, city crowds and tall buildings behind for a few hours and head to the country.  

bluebonnetsBelieve it or not, it doesn’t take much more than an hour to find those country roads that wind through wide open spaces.

bluebonnetsYou’ve heard of cows in the meadow?  Well, there are plenty of them, and these days they just might be resting in  fields where bluebonnets and Indian paints are profuse

flowers/poppyand bright red poppies lift their faces to the sun

flowers/cactusalongside cacti showing their colors.

animals/sheepHere and there sheep graze,

animals/pigs pigs play in the mud

cowboyand a friendly cowboy stops to chew the fat.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen it’s time to sit a spell, it’s not hard to find a welcoming porch where you can breathe the air and leave thoughts of big city life behind.

Think I’ll fit right in with that sassy pink cowgirl hat?

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