When Company Comes

Boy, it’s hard to keep up with blog writing and reading during the summer months when I am in Maine. If you’ve been along with me for a while, you know we do lots of boating, and there’s more that keeps me crazily busy. We have lots of company which means extra meals and some pretty quick turnarounds when it comes to preparing for the next round of guests. I’m not complaining though because we are very lucky to have this special place to share.

So, what do we do when company comes? The first night is simple. We have a lobster dinner which is such an easy one to prepare. The hubby steams or grills the lobster leaving me the simple task of roasting potatoes and corn

blueberry cobblerand making a blueberry cobbler from those yummy wild Maine blueberries. You can be sure no morsel is left.

Perry CreekThe boat makes entertaining simple. We may go to a beautiful cove

lobster rolland have lobster rolls aboard.

IMG_1481One of the nice things about having a power boat is that you can plan an outing and know how long it takes to get to a destination. There are several places that can be reached conveniently for a lunch on the deck.  Luke’s is one of our favorites.

IMG_1484With fresh seafood abundant, most folks go for a delicious haddock sandwich, fish and chips or a clam roll. Oh, and some choose lobster again since there’s no such thing as too much when you are visiting!

Christina Olson painted by Andrew Wyeth

On those occasions when the weather doesn’t cooperate, there are two quite wonderful art museums in nearby Rockland. CMCA has rotating exhibits of contemporary art and the Farnsworth Art Museum has an outstanding permanent collection. In both, all the art is created by artists who have a connection to Maine and that includes such famous names as Winslow Homer, George Bellows, Alex Katz, Georgia O’Keeffe, Louise Nevelson, Andrew Wyeth and many more.

This time of year a favorite place to visit is the Endless Summer dahlia farm where there are 250 varieties of breathtakingly beautiful dahlias.

PA179261 (1).jpgTaking a walk on the dirt road is always a pleasure and a great place to take photos.

Children's ChapelAlong the way a stop at the Children’s Chapel is a delight to the senses. No matter the season, it is a tranquil oasis with  stunning views of Penobscot Bay.

So, do you get a feel for that which keeps me away from the computer for days on end? I so delight in the gift that is the coast of Maine and am always happy to share it with you though there may be gaps between posts.  Speaking of, I better get the beds made before the next friends arrive.

I so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

Little Piece of Heaven

Going to Maine is like my favorite fleece: the people and the memories just wrap me up in warmth and it feels like home.

I’m not sure from where I copied those words, but they sum up my feelings about returning to Maine.  Perhaps I wouldn’t love it so much if I were here all the time, but for  five plus months it is my little piece of heaven where all the stresses and concerns of life are diminished. 

So, what is it that makes Maine so special?  Well, there are a lot of things, but here are a few of my favorites. 

lobster rollLobster rolls

Walking on the dirt road

Tini time on the porch

Pipe DreamsExcursions on Pipe Dreams

MusselsFinding mussel heaven

lobster boatLobster boats

Rockport HarborRockport Harbor


There’s all this and so much more, and during the next few months I invite you to share Maine with me.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

Fall Is……

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s official, fall is here. It is changing leaves, cool morning temperatures and so much more.

 Fall is comfort food,

APPLES  apple picking

pumpkinsand pumpkins.

dirt roadFall is walks on the dirt road

selfie,shadowand casting long shadows.

fall sunsetFall is earlier sunsets of deeper, richer hues,

dahliadahliadahliadahlias and dahlias that take my breath away.

blueberry field, fallFall is blueberry fields wearing their fall colors

bootsand new boots to warm the feet.

cloudsFall is breathing cool, crisp air beneath feathery clouds, and with every breath I am reminded how lucky I am.

 So, how about you, what is fall?

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Down the Back Roads

“Come on, let’s go!” sez I.

“Where to?” queries the hubby.

“I don’t know, somewhere.”

MaineAnd so starts an adventure down Maine’s back roads of which there are many.

MaineIt doesn’t take long to get away from the populated midcoast and into the country where it quickly becomes more rural.  Gone are the rocky cliffs and views of the sea.  Replacing them are barns

Maineand farm equipment

Maineand bales stacked for winter feeding.

MaineSea sounds are replaced by babbling brooks

Maineand even on the back roads are signs of Patriot enthusiasm.  New England is crazy about the Patriots and the Red Sox!

MaineMaineMaineMaineIt’s no surprise to come across a roadside cafe filled with locals speaking with thick Maine accent and featuring home cooked comfort food.  Hmmm, love those biscuits.

MaineHere and there is a farm stand is selling the last of the season’s produce as well as whatever else is on hand.

MaineWith the season winding down, shopkeepers take a more leisurely approach to being open.  I thought this would be a fun place to browse, but that will have to wait until another day.

MaineOut here in the country, it’s possible to get lost, but I guess road signs will get you back to somewhere.  I’m thinking there needs to be an arrow pointing to Houston!

So much for today’s exploration.  I hope you enjoyed it, too.

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Walking the Dirt Road….Again!

dirt road winterHow many times have I mentioned walking the dirt road that is just beyond our house?  No matter what the season, I love its curving up and downess, the sound of close by water lapping against the rocks, the peacefulness.  In winter, when all is white, walking the road takes on new dimension.

dirt road winterIt is closed to traffic except that generated by two and four footed creatures!

dirt road winterHere and there is evidence that people have gone before

winterand a neighbor’s cottage hidden by trees in other seasons is visible.

winter Objects otherwise unnoticed stand out against the icy whiteness.

winterA browned leaf falls gently on the path and is locked in place.

winterRocks, sites of summer picnics, are buried beneath the snow and the view  to the bay unobstructed as no boats remain in the harbor.

winterBranches creak with their snowy weight

winterand snow melt works hard to find a way through the ice to the sea.

All around me is robed in white.  My breath is frosty, fingers and toes are cold.  Even my camera feels frozen in my hand so it must be time to trek back home for the steaming warmth of hot chocolate.  This Texas girl loves a bit of Maine winter each year, but I think I’m glad it’s only a bit.

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….and that’s just the way I feel when I take the dog out for her last walk of the night.  As Maizy and I head up the dirt road, my neck is craned up at the velvet black sky aglitter with diamonds, and I want to shout yahoo.  It is astonishing to see so many twinkling stars and sometimes the Milky Way over Rockport Harbor.   The miracle of stars is yet another reason why I love Maine where there are fewer bright city lights to blot them out.

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Along the Dirt Road

Just past my house begins a dirt road.  From morning til dark people–singly, in groups, with dogs–trek the three miles that round Beauchamp Point,

leaving their footprints in the dirt.

This time of year a portion of the road is closed meaning no vehicles interrupt its peacefulness.  The only sounds are the rustling of wind in the
trees, water slapping against the rocks or gulls calling out to each other.

In a couple of places is a path leading to softly rounded rocks where in summer people picnic or sunbathe.  At any time of year, it is not uncommon to see someone there with a camera or a paintbrush and easel.

Today a sea urchin was locked in the ice, but it is likely to be washed away at high tide.

Here and there on the dirt road is a left behind item hanging from a branch or pole waiting to be reclaimed.

Rounding the first turn is the field where for years the donkeys, Martini and Rossi, watched the passersby.  Now, both are buried beneath the apple tree across the way, but in my mind I see them every time I pass this spot.

No walk is complete without a stop at the Children’s Chapel which I think of as my special place.  There I can sit quietly overlooking Penobscot Bay and feel as one with the world.

It may have been given as a sanctuary for youth, but it serves as a place of spiritual and mental refreshment for all who halt there.

The dirt road is a walk for all seasons. Do you have a special place to leave your footprints?

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First, let me say how lucky I am to live in two places that I love, but leaving each one is hard.  This time of year finds us leaving Rockport to return to Houston, and I  take with me memories and images that keep the place alive until we return.  There’s

the morning sound of lobster boats leaving to tend traps

the dirt road and the rocks on which we picnic

the natural beauty of unspoiled places

the quirky, interesting people I meet along the way

Pipe Dreams and the days of island exploration

Most of all I take with me friends, their laughter and spontaneity.

Yes, I will miss it all but only for a while.

Are there places you hate to leave?

i love your comments, so jump in and share yours