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Not Your Ordinary Winery

When you think Maine, it’s not likely you think wine much less a Napa/Sonoma style winery.

Well, let’s change that by visiting Cellardoor which these days is producing award winning wines.

The setting is pure Maine, rolling hills and beautiful vistas.

There are grapes growing in the vineyard, but they are mostly to convey authenticity  as most of the wines are made from grapes brought in from California and New York.

Production, however,  is on site in a very modern facility where barrels are stacked high for the aging process.

Cellardoor is located in Lincolnville, a few miles from Camden, and it’s a great place for visitors to experience.

After a tasting, the grounds are perfect for sitting in the sun to enjoy a favorite wine and a cheese plate or sandwich. 

Aside from producing wine,  Cellardoor hosts cooking classes by chefs well known in the area as well as special dinners throughout the year.

VinfestAs if that’s not enough some of the most fun events in the area are held in the vineyard.  You can count on incredible settings, great food and surprising entertainment.  When tickets go on sale, they are gone in a matter of minutes!

VinfestWe’ve been entertained by the Temptations, Huey Lewis & the News, Backstreet Boys and finalists from The Voice to name a few.  

Cellardoor is not just a winery, it’s a happening and if you are ever anywhere close, you don’t want to miss going there!

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Vegas Comes to Rockport

Pop the Cork 2013When you see the big tents going up in Rockport, you know that Pop the Cork is just around the corner.  Sponsored by Cellar Door Winery, it’s a happening that attracts 1,000 party goers from all over and leaves people talking for days.

Pop the Cork 2013The 2013 theme: Las Vegas with lots

Pop the Cork 2013of glitz,

Pop the Corkgambling

Pop the Cork 2013and glamor.  Well, for one of us it was wishful thinking!

Pop the Cork 2013From start to finish, the evening is alive with totally Vegas style entertainment.

Pop the Cork 2013The crowd rocks to the sounds of an Elvis impersonator, Thelma Houston and American Idol sensation Alice Tan Ridley.

Pop the Cork 2013An audience is awed by the Golden Dragon Acrobats who had us gasping over their contortions, strength and synchronization.

Pop the Cork 2013All of this is a build up to the featured attraction of the night, Foreigner.  I have to confess  that until hearing a familiar song or two I wasn’t sure who they were, but then I’ve never been very good at remembering the names of musical groups.

Pop the Cork 2013Once the band gets going, the crowd is totally into it, singing along, dancing, waving their hands.  Nobody stays sitting!

Pop the Cork 2013At the end of the evening, there are lots of tired feet, but no one leaves thinking they didn’t have a most wonderful time and without looking forward to next year.  One thing’s for sure, you have to get your tickets early because they sell out in a hurry.

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Over the Top…..Again!

This is Cellardoor Winery in Lincolnville, Maine, a hop and a skip north of Camden,

with a setting as lovely as any you can imagine.

Bettina Doulton is the fun loving energetic owner of Cellardoor, and  twice each year she hosts the most incredible events which draw people from all over.  The summer one, Pop the Cork, you can read about here, and today we will experience the fall event Vinfest,  an amazing production with varied entertainment, terrific food and a setting that would be a standout no matter where it occurred.  Where to start?

From the moment the enormous tent where the event is staged is entered, it’s a different world, one of total glitz and glamor.

Romantic light glittered over the sitting area and the dance floor,

and the jeweled piano is one that would make Liberace proud!

But the real drama occurred when the gauzy curtain revealing the dining area was raised.  What a magical setting with feathers and boas and softly glowing chandeliers that took my breath away.  There is absolutely nothing small town about the ambiance created here!

The tables were magnificent, set with beautiful glass chargers, and the numerous glasses and flatware suggested the number of courses that were to come.

Bejeweled napkins were in the seats of boa and fan festooned chairs,

and the menu was cleverly presented on etched and lighted lucite.  While we who enjoy tablescaping may never do anything so elaborate, there were some good ideas here for a simpler at home table.

Chef Michael Salmon from Camden’s Hartstone Inn.

The kitchen area was a hive of activity with the invited chefs working furiously to prepare their course and have it on the table in a timely fashion.  Be assured that each one from appetizer to dessert was divine and, of course,  complemented with a paired Cellardoor wine.

With dinner over, it’s time for the next round of entertainment which this year featured the Commodores whose music gets everyone on their feet, dancing or swaying to the beat.  These guys have been together since 1968, and their sound is as timely as ever.

Such a night, of course, has to come to an end but the memory lingers on.  A huge thank you to Bettina for allowing the rest of us to join in her fun.  Most of us can’t wait until next year to do it all again!

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In Rockport….Really?

What you have to know is that Rockport, Maine is a small town, like fewer than 3,000 people,  on Maine’s midcoast, so what is it that brings an Elvis impersonator from Vegas, finalists  from  the Sing Off, bands from New York and Austin and Boyz II Men to this place?  The answer is simple:  Pop the Cork, a spectacular event hosted annually in late June  by Cellar Door Winery.

It takes place in two Rockport locations, the harbor and a nearby open field on Route 1.  Both venues have multiple tents  serving incredible food and drink  as well as nonstop entertainment which leads up to the headline performance.

The theme this year was right out of the 60’s.  This guy look familiar?

  Everything from the diner decor

to the food which included such goodies as fried green tomatoes with fresh corn salsa, fried mac and cheese (have you ever had it?) with collard greens and cornbread,

and yummy sausages with grilled onions and peppers from the Sausage Guy whose usual location is Fenway Park.  His concoction is outrageously good.  There was lots more from seafood to pork chops to ice cream sundaes, but you’ve been tempted enough.

The entertainment was Supreme-ly good

 with music made for dancing in each tent.

Elvis got folks of all ages out on the floor

and some didn’t even need a partner!

Excitement and good times were the order of the night, but nothing compared to the energy surrounding the performance of Boyz II Men.

They were terrific vocalists with a wide range of music that left the audience screaming  for more.

As much fun as the whole night was, it came to a quick end.  By the time we went back to our car at the harbor, tents were already coming down

and what a few hours earlier had been part of a nostalgic setting crowded with party goers was left standing, waiting to be loaded onto the trucks.

No matter where it happened, Pop the Cork would be an over the top event, but having it right in small town USA makes it something really special.  People from all over come for this evening of fun and entertainment, and I can’t give enough credit to Cellar Door owner Bettina for giving so many people opportunity for a night to remember.  Not only that,  proceeds from the event are donated each year to an area nonprofit.  How good is that!

I’m buying my ticket for next year as soon as they go on sale.  Want to join me?  I promise you will have a real big time!

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