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Taking It All In

Sometimes we are in such a hurry we fail to pay attention to all that is around us.  Realizing that we never know what tomorrow brings, I want to take it all in, hold on to it and appreciate the wonder that is everywhere.

foggy morningSometimes it’s stopping  on a foggy morning to appreciate the window boxes planted on an old barn.  There are no houses around, and I can’t help but wonder who makes the effort.

dahliaThis time of year dahlias are in full glory, and I want to acknowledge each waxy petal.

butterflyI pay special attention to the butterfly that is soon to head south, perhaps making its final journey.

Perry CreekI don’t want to miss the magic of a full moon shining on the water

gardenor the fading summer beauty of a neighbor’s garden.

fall leavesI salute the first red leaves on the tree outside the door knowing they are symbols of the season just around the corner.

Yes, I want to take it all in because who knows what tomorrow brings.

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A Favorite Thing


It’s a Knockout!

Hey, what’re you doing?

Not much.

Wanna go on an adventure?


So it was that an ordinary day turned into something special thanks to a friend wanting to go to the Antique Rose Emporium in Independence, Texas.

What a place!  As the crowd of men and women indicated, it is an outing for anyone who enjoys and appreciates growing things.

The Antique Rose Emporium is more than a nursery, it’s an experience.  Everywhere  is beauty whether growing

or an enchanting example of creativity.

What great uses for what I thought were ordinary flower pots!

Throughout the grounds are delightful scenarios

and clever displays.

The gardens are very well organized and have plentiful varieties no matter what you’re looking for,

and if you want a little something extra, feel free.

Needless to say, butterflies are free in this environment,

and I couldn’t get enough of the monarchs fluttering among the blossoms.

By this time I’m in sensory overload, but there’s still more.  I think I’ll save it for tomorrow….won’t you please come back?

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

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A Favorite Thing

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