Leaving the City Behind

HoustonCome April, Houston folks leave snarled traffic, city crowds and tall buildings behind for a few hours and head to the country.  

bluebonnetsBelieve it or not, it doesn’t take much more than an hour to find those country roads that wind through wide open spaces.

bluebonnetsYou’ve heard of cows in the meadow?  Well, there are plenty of them, and these days they just might be resting in  fields where bluebonnets and Indian paints are profuse

flowers/poppyand bright red poppies lift their faces to the sun

flowers/cactusalongside cacti showing their colors.

animals/sheepHere and there sheep graze,

animals/pigs pigs play in the mud

cowboyand a friendly cowboy stops to chew the fat.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen it’s time to sit a spell, it’s not hard to find a welcoming porch where you can breathe the air and leave thoughts of big city life behind.

Think I’ll fit right in with that sassy pink cowgirl hat?

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You Know You Are in Texas

Texas bluebonnets
Bluebonnets and Indian paints abound

You know you are in Texas when you leave the city and see fields alive with bluebonnets and Indian paints which add brilliant color to the surrounding landscape.

Texas countryCountry is little more than an hour from Houston, but with its collection of small towns, ranches and farms it seems light years away.  Hay bales,

Texas country ramshackle outbuildings

Texas country animals and livestock of all kinds grazing in pastures tell you you have left the city behind.

belted gallowaysYou might even be surprised to see a herd of belted galloways, a breed common in the area of Maine that is my part-time home but fairly new in Texas.

Texas countryLong fences define the boundaries for large ranches

Lone Star beerand here and there on a country road is a roadhouse where you’ll want to be sure and order a Lone Star, the national beer of Texas.

Texas country facesTexas country facesTexas country facesFirst thing you hear when you walk in is, “You ain’t from around here are you?”  Once that’s out of the way, the locals are right happy to engage in friendly conversation.  Heck, they might even share a Lone Star with you on a weekend night!

And if you want to leave your husband there while you go antiquing, why that’s OK, too.

Texas countryYep, you gotta love Texas.  It’s a place unto itself!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

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