Getting It Right

Not only was I bored spending most of my time in bed for 10 weeks, but I began obsessing on things wrong in the bedroom.   The hubby knew that was going to lead to some kind of overhaul, and, indeed, it did.

bedroomSeveral years ago, some walls in the bedroom and study were done with Venetian plaster  that blended more than one color.  The color chosen for the remaining walls was never right, but since I saw them in the dim light of morning and night I let it go.  Not possible after looking at it day after day.

So, the first thing was to choose a new color that would blend a little better.  After sampling several grays, the selection was Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray.  A new color meant new carpet, darker than the one that had shown every little bit of dirt. How much airier the space seemed with those changes!

The hubby thought that was enough, but no, I wasn’t finished.  Every picture was relocated.  I don’t know where the botanicals came from, but I found them in a closet.  What made them a great choice is the frame which picked up the tones in the piece over the bed.

Art that hung over the fireplace was pleasing, but the frames were mismatched. Again I shopped the house, gathering pieces that not only had matching frames but played off the colors dominating the room.  And, note those shelves.  All the clutter is gone and what’s there looks like it belongs.

Now on a roll, I gathered a few other odds and ends as accessories, and they, too, look like they were made for the space.

Though the hubby groaned  thinking the project was unnecessary, he admitted when all was done that the changes were quite an improvement.  That made it all worthwhile, but he’s hoping I don’t have opportunity to obsess over something else in the near future!

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How Many Is Too Many?

bedroomWhen he turns back the bed, the hubby’s question is always the same.  “Is it necessary to have all these ****** pillows?”  

bedroom“Some of these suckers weigh enough to qualify as weights,” he goes on.

img_8553I smile to myself pretending not to hear and envision the bed looking like this

img_8554or this.

Now those looks don’t work for me, but maybe the rest of you should chime in on how many pillows is too many.

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Metamorphosis Monday


Adding a little something new, changing things around can make a room feel fresh.  It didn’t take much  tweaking to give our master bedroom a lift.

bedroomAt West Elm, I found pillows in similar colors to ones already on the bed.  Their geometric shaped pattern meshes nicely with others already there.

bedroomRemembering how in Vietnam beds had a runner at the foot I added this one which until now has been used as a table runner.    At first, I had the charcoal gray side up,

bedroombut I couldn’t bear hiding the beautiful embroidery on the reverse side.  

bedroomMoving pictures around is an easy way to redecorate. Some of my favorite Georgia O’Keeffe lithographs now hang in the bedroom, and I love having them be the first thing I see in the morning.

bedroomThis gal wanted to be a part of the mix, too, and I see no reason why she can’t be.  She kinda looks the way I feel some mornings when I wake up!

bedroomAcross the room, a newly reupholstered chair and ottoman provide a favorite place to read in the afternoon or just sit and enjoy being surrounded by things that remind me of family and places I have been.  On cool days, I light the fireplace, the warmth of which makes this a very cozy spot.

bedroom I have decided that the bedroom is a place that should always have a little bouquet of fresh flowers, and these just happen to repeat the color of the embroidered flower on the runner making the pink seem to belong.

bWhile I’m tweaking, the bathroom cabinets are next.  I’ve long wanted to change the center panel and found the easiest way to do it was with wall paper.  All you have to do is cut a piece to fit and glue it in place.  Nothing could be simpler, and it provides immediate change.

bedroomWell, that’s a day’s work, so now I’ll just sit back and enjoy the change.  Tell me, how do you tweak your surroundings?

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Making it My Style

Maine bedroom“Mom, this room is so not you!”  So said the daughters when they first glimpsed my bedroom.  Their comment was likely in response to curtains, ruffles and gingham check, none of which is typically my style.   This time, however, I wanted a room that reflected the warmth of summer color and warmed a frosty landscape in winter.

Maine bedroomYou may not believe this, but the flowers reminded me of Georgia O’Keeffe, not because they are her style but because they are big and bold much like summer blooms in Maine.  I got very carried away with the idea of flowers and glued artificial ones on the lampshades which were then trimmed with decorative braid.

Maine bedroomFor the bases I found flower buckets at World Market. The hubby drilled a hole in the bottom through which the electrical wire is run.  The hardware for the lamp was gotten from a lighting store where I told a helpful salesperson what I was doing and he provided me with all the right parts.  Finished, the lamp is placed on a little pedestal which allows it to sit more level.

Maine bedroomIf you’ve read many of my posts, you know that for me things don’t have to match as evidenced by the side tables.

Maine bedroom I got them because I liked their details.  They were a little beat up, but spray paint and sand paper fixed them well enough.

Maine bedroomThe same is true for the used-to-be china cabinet, now used for extra storage,

Maine bedroomand the rattan magazine rack.

Actually, putting this bedroom together turned out to be great fun.  You might say this is a do it yourself project as most of the furniture except for the Maine Cottage headboard required a little TLC.  Though I would like to take credit for all the sewing, all I am responsible for is the dust ruffle.

Maine bedroomAnd, you know what, the room is now my style!

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