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Getting It Right

Not only was I bored spending most of my time in bed for 10 weeks, but I began obsessing on things wrong in the bedroom.   The hubby knew that was going to lead to some kind of overhaul, and, indeed, it did.

bedroomSeveral years ago, some walls in the bedroom and study were done with Venetian plaster  that blended more than one color.  The color chosen for the remaining walls was never right, but since I saw them in the dim light of morning and night I let it go.  Not possible after looking at it day after day.

So, the first thing was to choose a new color that would blend a little better.  After sampling several grays, the selection was Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray.  A new color meant new carpet, darker than the one that had shown every little bit of dirt. How much airier the space seemed with those changes!

The hubby thought that was enough, but no, I wasn’t finished.  Every picture was relocated.  I don’t know where the botanicals came from, but I found them in a closet.  What made them a great choice is the frame which picked up the tones in the piece over the bed.

Art that hung over the fireplace was pleasing, but the frames were mismatched. Again I shopped the house, gathering pieces that not only had matching frames but played off the colors dominating the room.  And, note those shelves.  All the clutter is gone and what’s there looks like it belongs.

Now on a roll, I gathered a few other odds and ends as accessories, and they, too, look like they were made for the space.

Though the hubby groaned  thinking the project was unnecessary, he admitted when all was done that the changes were quite an improvement.  That made it all worthwhile, but he’s hoping I don’t have opportunity to obsess over something else in the near future!

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white tablescapeI liked  last week’s assortment of whites, so I thought, why not use them again, tweaking here and there to give a different look.

white tablescapeThis time around the whites are laying on our dark wood dining room table.

white tablescapeSurrounded by glowing candles, the look is still simple but more dramatic.

tablescapeNot wanting to take anything away from the white, the color on the table will lean toward darker tones with some neutrals.

tablescapeOnce again the familiar square black plates from Ikea are called into play as are the spooky stems that have enlivened October tables.

tablescapeFor a different look, placemats are turned vertically, slightly overhanging the table edge, and napkins are done in my favorite accordion folded shape that is oh so simple and adds that little something extra to a place setting.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen all is said and done, this variation requires little modification to give a whole new feel to the table.  For me setting the table is the fun part of any meal, and I especially like it when I can use the same things in a new way.  How about you, do you find challenge in repeating differently?

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Let’s Go! Part II

For all of us who love dishes, Portugal is tableware heaven!  

Handmade and painted in bright colors, the pottery lends itself to creative tablescapes.

Traditional themes include roosters

and quirky animal shapes.

Blue and white is an oft used palette, one that many of you would like.

In addition to handmade pottery, there are wonderful porcelains for which Portugal is also well known.   With so many choices, how does one decide?

As if the dishes are not tempting  enough, there are lovely linens to make us drool.  The naturals with their embroidered accents are appealing,

but the jacquard cloths in beautiful patterns and subtle colors are irresistible.  Which would you choose?

It would be fun to return home with at least one collection of dishes, but the price and cost of shipping make that difficult, so we’ll just have to dream and continue looking for those special buys at thrift shops, garage sales or TJ Maxx!

Thanks for traveling with me today.  Let’s join

Let’s Dish

Tablescape Thursday

Favorite Things Thursday