Art: The Magic

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.

Twyla Thorpe

For me, looking at art is running away, enjoying the magic of another’s creative reality. A few days ago I went to Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts for an exhibit of sculpture by Ron Mueck.  To say the least, I was blown away.

He is called a hyperrealist sculptor, and it is easy to see why.  No detail is left to the imagination.

Using resin, silicone, fiberglass and other materials he creates human forms that portray life through its various stages: birth,

middle age,


Not always are the figures true to scale.  They may be larger 

or smaller giving one the idea that size reflects the enormity of the event represented.

It is said that some of Mueck’s images reflect Christian imagery 

while others draw on the perfection of Renaissance painting.

Whatever the influences, Mueck’s sculptures demand attention. Like them or not, one cannot help but appreciate the artist’s attention to detail and the time such must require.

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Nobody Does It Better

new-york-36Do you have a shop that appeals to you because of the creative way it is displayed?  For me, the hands down favorite is Anthropologie where a visit tickles my senses.

new-york-34And that’s not true just for the Houston store but for any I’ve visited.

img_2111-1No matter the season the shop windows are a delight.

img_2113Inside there is more with every display alive with color and texture.

Cookbooks are grouped with complementary items making it almost impossible to walk away without the book and a little something else.  Talk about impulse buying!

img_2096At every turn there is temptation

img_2105to say nothing about whimsey.

img_2107I’m crazy for birdhouses but have never thought to use them in quite this way.

img_1585Even the lighting used in certain areas creates a mood, and I can imagine myself curled up here with Pride and Prejudice.

img_2939When I wander through Anthropologie, I find myself wondering about the creative folks who come up with such eye catching and original ideas.  I sure hope they are having as much fun designing as I do looking.

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Friday Favorites

You Want It? You Got It!

Building bedsSo, what are you doing?

Building BedsThe boys have decided they want to sleep in the same room, so I’m building beds.

Building bedsOh, I see.  Wouldn’t it have been easier to buy them?

Building bedsUmm, maybe, but I had this idea and I really like working with wood.  

Building bedsThe contrasting white oak and walnut is a lovely, warm combination that she is finishing with wax.

Building bedsFinished and in place, the beds look like they are coming right out of the newly installed white oak board wall.  This was a very practical move because it didn’t take long to see that a painted wall behind the beds was going to take a beating from 3 energetic little boys.

Building beds

It’s no surprise that the boys are up and down the ladder many times, including some when they are supposed to be sleeping!
Building beds
In quieter moments, the beds double as a great play space.

building bedsI’d say these boys are pretty lucky to have a mom that is both creative and handy and can find a way to make many of their wishes come true.  There may come a time when each wants his own space, but for now they are loving their shared room.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHey, daughter, I wouldn’t mind if you built me a little table like this if there’s any more scrap lumber!

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Metamorphosis Monday

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The Scoop

From Dream to Reality

tablescapeStopping in to say hello to a friend, I noticed her dining table all set and commented that she must be expecting company for dinner.  “Oh no,” she said, “I just like for my table to look pretty.”  I loved that as it showed me a whole new side of her.

tablescapeSince I had my iPhone, I couldn’t resist doing a little deconstructing for photos and having her tell me how her table came together.  Colors were inspired by a table runner found at, of all places, Burlington Coat Factory.  Have you ever thought of looking there for table accessories?  Not me!

tablescapeIf I remember correctly, these very cute arrangements that provided her centerpiece also came from there.  I’m putting BCF on my list of places to scope out.

tablescapeNext she used gold placemats topped with red chargers from Michael’s so right to complement her runner.

tablescapeThen were added gold toned plates, both round and square, for a very appealing combination.

tablescapeTo finish her setting, she used amber stems and napkins gathered in a flower/olive topped ring.  If these go missing, she’s not to come looking at my house!

I’m betting her table will at some point welcome guests to dinner, but today it charmed me because I discovered a bit of my friend’s creative side.  I would love to know how you choose to show yours.

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Let’s Make It!

Maine house/diyThis clever and cute creation has been hanging on my door for several weeks, and every time I look at it I think what a wonderfully simple idea this is that anyone could do.

Let’s take a closer look to see how it’s done.  

diyBegin with a pair of toddler overalls. Dab with paint and for fun add a few patches.  I’d iron them on with stitch witchery.  Tie the legs with twine, stuff the overalls with polyester filling and finish the overalls off with seasonal items.  That’s all there is to it.

Now, let your imagination run wild.  What changes can you see for Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, July 4…..heck, any other holiday?  As for me, I’m already imagining candy canes, a stuffed bear with a big red ribbon, pinecones and nuts falling out of the top of the overalls.  

How is yours going to look?

I would love to give credit to the person who came up with this idea, but I don’t know who it is.

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Pumpkin Frenzy

Have you ever wondered what would happen to all the pumpkins if it weren’t for October and November? Without question those two months make growing them worthwhile as there’s scarcely anywhere that doesn’t have at least one.

Some folks think one pumpkin is not enough

and have them by the dozens.

Others have just one tucked away in a clever display.

Really big pumpkins make great canvases

for clever artists

whose creations line the main street In Damariscotta, Maine,

and draw lots of attention from passersby.

Some pumpkins are a colorful addition to window display

while others are used by politicians to attract voters

or to encourage a favorite team.  I guess there’s just no limit to how these seasonal favorites can be used.  What  clever idea do you have for pumpkins?  Do share!

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